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The Oregon State University and Portland Beer Week seminar series continues this week with the Barrel-Aged Beer Seminar and Malt: Translating Barley to Beer both taking place today, with tickets still available for Friday’s Beer Flavor 101 Workshop. Most of these are pretty inexpensive (barrel seminar features more than 8 rare beers so its pricier) and are definitely worth your time to increase your beer education.

Barrel-Aged Beer Seminar

Wednesday June 15th 5:30pm @ Ecliptic Brewing

Learn from the masters of non-sour barrel-aged beer on techniques, flavors, variations and different spirit aged barrels and oak. Our panel of brewing experts will each share their knowledge and 2-3 of their own rare barrel-aged beers for tasting. Featuring the masters Ben Edmunds of Breakside Brewery, Matt Lincecum of Fremont Brewing, Steve Anderson from Ballast Point, and John Harris from Ecliptic Brewing. Go here to check out the full beer list you will be sampling.

Tickets are $40 here.

Malt: translating barley to beer

Wednesday June 15th 5:30pm @ F.H. Steinbart

Tickets only $5!

This two hour class offers sampling, education and hand-on experience lead by professor Pat Hayes of Oreogn State University and Tanner Davies of Great Western Malting. Complimentary beer samples that showcase the malts are provided by Hopworks Urban Brewery.


  • Barley is the base of beer, but can’t do it without the conversion to malt.
  • Malting is controlled germination to achieve proper balance (and types) of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Barley malt is the optimum food for brewer’s yeast.
  • The palette of malts is created by combinations of time, temperature, and moisture.
  • The evolving story of barley contributions to beer flavor: the effects of variety. growing location, and  malt house
  • Malt: not just for beer anymore. Culinary uses


  • Barley:
    • With and without hulls
    • 2-row, 6 row
    • Growth habit: spring, winter, facultative
    • End uses: feed, food, malting and multi-use
    • Production: Planting, growing, harvesting, cleaning
    • Growing and processing your own
    • Buying locally
  • Malting:
    • Steeping
    • Germinating
    • Kilning
    • Alternative outcomes achieved by varying one or more of the above
    • Interpreting the malt certificate of analysis
    • Making your own
    • Craft malting
    • Large scale malting


  • Barley grain samples – with and without hulls
  • Samples of steeped, germinating, and kilned malts
  • Malt tastings
    • Same variety, same/similar malt style: different malt houses
    • Same variety: different malt styles
  • Beer tasting: the effects of malt types based on same variety

Beer Flavor 101 Workshop

Friday June 17th 5:30pm @ Food Innovation Center

Tickets only $4

What makes beer taste the way it does? Where does beer flavor come from? Beer Flavor 101 will answer these questions while guiding you through the brewing process from raw materials to finished beer. This 90-minute session is designed for beer aficionados and those who want to learn more about the origins of flavor in beer. Experts from Oregon State University will provide insight into each raw material and the beer flavor of unique styles. Oregon State University is home to one of the nation’s few Fermentation Science programs, and renowned brewing scientist, Dr. Tom Shellhammer, will guide you on a journey from grain to glass.

OSU Professional and Continuing Education partners with OSU’s Brewing Science team to provide onsite and online workshops for brewing industry professionals, craft beer and cider entrepreneurs, cider makers, homebrewers and more. Drawing upon expertise as the leader in hops and brewing research and experience with the nation’s Fermentation Science degree programs, our workshops include: Craft Brewery Startup WorkshopCraft Cidery Startup WorkshopBeer Quality and Analysis SeriesCider Making WorkshopCider Quality and Analysis, and Origins of Beer Flavors and Styles. You’ll find alumni of our degree and workshop programs among the ranks of those leading the craft beer and cider boom. Participants in our workshop benefit from the expertise, insight and guidance of industry leaders and our own experts in hops, brewing, beer quality and sensory analysis. Our team is pleased to serve as the education sponsor for Portland Beer Week 2016, and we look forward to meeting both old and new friends alike at this year’s events.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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