Vote for Your Favorite 10 Barrel Brewers Beer in ‘Battle of the Beers’ Variety Pack


Are you a Kelso, Tonya, or Whitney person? Maybe you don’t know who I am talking about? I am referring to the three 10 Barrel Brewing head brewers who create many of your favorite beers: Tonya Cornett in Bend, with her groundbreaking Crush series; Shawn Kelso in Boise, with his bold Joe IPA and Cascadian Dark Ales; and Whitney Burnside in Portland, with her Pearl IPA, Belgian-styles, and experimental fruited and spiced beers.

With 10 Barrel Brewing’s new Beer Variety Pack, the company is giving you three different beers–one from each of the previously mentioned brewers–in bottles for the first time. So this is not your average variety pack, and 10 Barrel is encouraging the public to weigh in on their favorite of the three beers by casting votes on social media with the right hashtags. At the end of August, the winner will be crowned and a party held at their location.

“We think we have the best brewers in the business and wanted to show everyone how badass they really are with a fun battle–hence our brewpub series and first-ever Battle of the Beers,” said Jimmy Seifrit, 10 Barrel brewmaster. “Each one of these beers is so different and awesome and we are stoked to have everyone try them out and vote for their favorite!”

More from 10 Barrel’s press release:

Featuring creative and fun brewpub series beers–Dat Sesh Doh, a session IPA by Portland’s Whitney Burnside; Cerveza Negra, a dark lager by Bend’s Tonya Cornett; and Category 57, a double IPA by Boise’s Shawn Kelso–this 12-pack variety box is sure to have you rallying behind your favorite brew! Once you’ve tried all three post #DrinkPortlandBeer, #DrinkBoiseBeer or #DrinkBendBeer on your social media channels to cast your vote.


Portland, OR – Whitney Burnside’s Dat Sesh Doh comes in at 5.2% ABV, saying that “summertime in Portland calls for a beer you can drink more than one of, through hot afternoons and into the cool summer nights. This session IPA packs all the juicy flavor, aroma, and snappy bitterness of it’s bigger brothers, but weighs in at 5.2% ABV. No added fruit required, it pairs perfectly with lounging in the sun, chilling near the river, and having good times with your friends. Let’s put our new rooftop patio to use this summer and rock the Battle of the Beers party in Portland!”


Bend, OR – Tonya Cornett’s Cerveza Negra comes in at 4.5% ABV, and Tonya says, “Cerveza Negra stands out in the Battle of the Beers because it’s not another cloying IPA and is truly the most difficult to make. A touch malty, finishing crisp, refreshing and super tasty. This would be the first beer picked out of the box by a brewer!”


Boise, ID – Shawn Kelso’s Category 57 comes in at 10.3% ABV and describes his brew by saying, “What battle? With an ABV bigger than both the other two beers in this box combined, I think it’s clear which beer came to party. I brewed this hop forward Double IPA using Galaxy and Calypso hops to give it a bright fruity flavor with notes of pear and apple. This hop laden masterpiece is definitely the beer you and your friends will be fighting over. Hope you enjoy drinking it as much as I enjoyed brewing it!”


The Battle of the Beers box and brewpub series beers will be available through September in retail in 12-pack variety boxes throughout Oregon, California, Colorado, Idaho and Washington and on tap at our Bend, Portland and Boise pubs. To learn more and to vote for your favorite, visit

At the end of August, whichever brewer has the most votes – and therefore endless bragging rights – will be throwing a party for their city at their home pub in early September that will feature live music, beer, food, games, and much more.

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