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Day One Distribution is a new small niche Portland-based distributor specializing in bringing some much loved southern California breweries beers to Oregon starting with El Segundo Brewing this week and Monkish Brewing, Smog City and Phantom Carriage coming soon. The venture was founded by seven year wholesale distribution veteran Robby Roda, previously the sales manager at Cascade Brewing for two years, who got his start as a craft beer bar manager in Whittier, CA in 2009.

In 2012 Roda began volunteering with Monkish Brewing and helping sales. He made many connections in southern California and spent time working for a small craft beer distributor down there and worked part time at Beachwood BBQ and Brewing. A Portland native, he moved back to town in 2014 to work for Cascade Brewing.

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Consolidation among large breweries and explosive growth among small new breweries and a limited amount of distributors, mostly large companies, have opened up new avenues for small distributors. See Running Man Distributing and Shelton Brothers Portland. Day One has a deep southern California slant with more small breweries from the Los Angeles area on the way, but it won’t forget about Portland either. With ongoing negotiations on some major fan favorite breweries, Day One Distribution isn’t aiming to grow quickly and will be careful in which breweries they partner with. It’s a strategic portfolio based on small buzz-worthy breweries that have a small output. Most of these beers will be in short supply in Portland, sometimes only occasional appearances. It’s a strategy counter to the larger distributors who demand large quantities of beers to keep grocery stores in stock, at risk of losing a SKU if a beer is not available.

We are going to be very focused on each brewery that we bring into the market. Giving each brewery the unique attention and approach it needs within the Portland market” says Day One owner Robby Roda. The Day One mantra and naming inspiration comes from their first client, El Segundo Brewing. “When they release their IPAs they do what they call their “Day One” release,” said Roda, referring to El Segundo ” The day that they keg and bottle an IPA they deliver it to local accounts ensuring that the beer is getting to their customers as fresh as possible. I love the idea behind the name. To me it invokes freshness, quality, consistency. From Day One. “

One of Day One’s lofty goals for their breweries is to sell out all the product within 30 days of delivery to accounts. With an increasing emphasis on fresh IPA’s like Stone Brewing’s Enjoy By or Lagunitas Born Yesterday series taking off, Day One attempts to take the fresh beer movement to the next level.

Day One Distribution launches El Segundo Brewing in Portland this week, and Smog City Brewing and Monkish Brewing (both from the Torrance area of Los Angeles) later in September, followed by haunted and horror themed Phantom Carriage Brewing out of Carson, CA in October.

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  • Stephen Schmunk
    Stephen Schmunk
    Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:43 PM

    Enjoy By* from Stone

    • JF
      Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:08 PM

      Wow. Visited El Segundo earlier this year and it blew my mind. They are the IPA kings of the West Coast. So excited for this!!!!