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GoodLife Brewing to Release Comatose Imperial IPA Bottles

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Bend, Oregon’s GoodLife Brewing is bottling and adding Comatose Imperial IPA to their year-round lineup in 16.9oz bottles after a surge in popularity through draft sales.  With over 5 lbs. of hops per barrel, bright fruit, melon and citrus flavors carouse with floral hop hints for a mild bitterness and extra juicy bite that chill you out cold.  


More from the press release: GoodLife was the first brewery in Bend, OR to can, but we also have a history of bottling Descender IPA and Mountain Rescue Session Ale.  Ty Barnett, GoodLife Brewing Co-Owner, said “We saw huge growth in Comatose this last year and we’ve always wanted to bottle it, so now is the perfect time to make dreams come true.”  To keep up with Comatose Imperial IPA production, we just bought two new 90 BBL fermenters and an additional 240 BBL tank, making our annual capacity 32,000 BBLS.  With the extra 420 BBL a month capacity, GoodLife will be having Owen Lingley and his Craft Canning team come bottle Comatose on their new 16.9oz mobile bottling line.  Barnett said “We have a great history with Craft Canning.  They were the ones that first put GoodLife in cans, and look how that worked out.”  We know that between their abilities and our beers, Comatose Imperial IPA bottles are going to be a great product.

Some people might be surprised that with the purchase of our canning line a few years ago, Comatose Imperial IPA isn’t going to be canned.  It was a contender for six packs; however, we are more than just a canned beer company.  And even more importantly, Comatose tastes wicked good out of a bottle.  In 2017, GoodLife Brewing is planning on releasing two bottle series: our Specialty Series and a Barrel Aged Series.  We are making great strides and investment into our specialty programs and we can’t wait to show the world what we have up our sleeves.


Initially, Comatose Imperial IPA bottles will only be available in Oregon at specialty chain stores and bottle shops.

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