Upright Brewing New Bottles: Saison Vert, Supercool IPA & Heart’s Beat

Upright Saison Vert label

Portland’s most underrated brewery, Upright Brewing, has two new bottle releases coming out today, Thursday, October 13th, with a few more on the way in the coming weeks. Today we get the return of the acclaimed wild cherry fermented beer, Hearts’ Beat, and the first time bottling of Saison Vert. In the next week or two, expect the first ever bottling of an Upright India Pale Ale with a special bottle conditioned version of Supercool IPA, as well as the return of the other cherry wild ale, Shades.

Descriptions from the brewery below:


Saison Vert is a wheat-based brew using sun-dried black limes that contribute not only an attractive flavor of citrus but also a depth that, when combined with our open fermentation method and saison strains, results in a complex profile akin to some white and orange wines fermented with indigenous yeasts. The Vert rides the fine line of being easy and enjoyable but full of nuance. Brewed with pilsener, wheat, vienna malts. Santiam and Liberty hops. 4.75%, 17 IBU

Upright Brewing Heart's Beat label

Heart’s Beat is a barrel-fermented cherry beer. Not to be confused with a kriek, the Hearts’ Beat, lime many of our beers, brings together elements from many styles. In this second vintage we swapped Chelan cherries for a variety with even more depth named Brooks, making this release one we’re truly excited about. With firm tannins, a delicate ester profile and slight oak expression from casks picked specifically for this beer, the Hearts’ Beat is both bold and nuanced, showing off the amazing fruit Oregon’s dedicated growers produce. Grains: two-row, caramel, special roast. Hops: 2013 harvest Hallertauer, aged at room temp. Brewed on June 25th, 2015, bottles on June 16th 2016. 101 cases were bottled in the 2016 vintage, with 4 kegs and 7% ABV.

Both Hearts’ Beat and Saison Vert are available for $20 a 750ml bottle starting today, October 12th 2016, the following Supercool IPA will likely be available next weekend but check Upright Brewing’s facebook page to be sure.


Supercool IPA employs open fermentation with our house blend of saison yeasts at cool temperatures, allowing the profile to only hint at its Belgian-esque roots. The Supercool drinks like a classic American IPA, with hop character hitting notes of lemon & orange with wood & pine, while the unique processing and yeasts lend background flavors of apricot and white pepper. The bitterness is firm but smooth all the way to the extra dry finish. 6.5% ABV


Upright Brewing
240 N. Broadway Suite 002
Portland, OR

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