2016 Homebrewers Holiday Gift Guide

From a starters complete homebrew kit to the latest in advanced smartphone capable, fermentation reading and temperature controlling gadgetry our Homebrewers Holiday Gift Guide has it all. Targeted towards the semi-experienced brewer we have assembled a list of equipment and new tech that will make your homebrews easier and tastier. You can thank us later.

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Complete Homebrew Kit with Glass Carboy $149.95

If your new to homebrewing or know someone who would like to start, this is a good place to start. Many homebrew shops have an even lower level intro kit but there is no reason to have the crappy materials of extract and plastic when your going to want to upgrade it to grains and glass. At a sale price of $149.95, this kit will last a homebrewer for many years if they so choose and is capable of making great beer.

The Complete Homebrew kit gets you everything you need to brew your own great batches beer. You’ll have everything you need from your brew kettle, glass carboy, siphoning and bottling gear,along with all of your sanitation and testing gear, thermometer, hydrometer… You name it, this kit’s got it. It also includes a guide to help you get started on your new journey into the craft.

Pico appliance

Pico – Craft Brewing Appliance $799.00

The PicoBrew has replaced their early Zymatic model with this latest system perfect for the intro level brewer who does not want to deal with all the cleaning and fuss, hours out of the day and hard work. OR, for homebrewer or probrewers to test out new hops, malts and yeast on small and consistent batches. This the PicoBrew Zymatic bridges a gap as being great for the intro or advanced homebrewer.

The PicoBrew Zymatic is without a doubt the most popular automated countertop homebrewing device but a new device called the iGulu recently won the Consumer Electronics Show’s Innovation Award in the smart home category. Without being able to try the devices side-by-side, the iGulu does seem to have an edge and is available for pre-order but most likely wont ship before christmas.


Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass $11.27

My person favorite homebrewing book is Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher, it’s not a book for newbies but you do not need to be an expert either. It is for those homebrewers interested in historical and experimental beers. Radical Brewing displays the many unique ales and lagers that have resulted from Mosher’s celebration of beer while serving as a vehicle for discussing a creative, “outside the lines” approach to modern brewing. Learn both the history behind, and how to brew historic English Ales as well as beers made with dried stone fruit, whole loaves of bread or chantrelle mushrooms just to name a few.


Beer Bug Fermentation Monitor and Probe Bundle $279.90

The BeerBug is a wireless temperature probe allows you to check the status of your fermentation in real time from your phone or tablet. You can also connect your BeerBug system wirelessly to the cloud to transfer between devices. Real-Time measurments it takes include your wort’s current Density, Temperature (C/F), and Alcohol by Volume. More info and to order one go here!

Brew Jacket Immersion Pro

Brew Jacket Immersion Pro $249.00

Seamless heating and cooling allows you to create world class ales and lagers regardless of your ambient temperature. Complete fermentation temperature control system raises or lowers your fermenting beer to 35º F (20º C) above or below the ambient temperature in your house. Combine the Brew Jacket Immersion Pro with a BeerBug and you have a serious package to elevate your homebrewing game up to competition level! Watch some videos on the Brew Jacket and order one here.


Blichmann RIMS Rocket & HopRocket Bundle 

The world’s best hoppy beers are made with special brewhouse extensions like the Hopback or Torpedo, equipment not available to the homebrewer until now with the Blichmann Hop Rocket. The Blichmann RIMS Rocket & HopRocket Bundle is for those that do not yet have a HopRocket (required for use of the RIMS Rocket).

The RIMS-Rocket is used along with the HopRocket to create a no-compromise RIMS heater (Recirculation Infusion Mash System). The heater coil is installed into the Hoprocket canister and then plugged into your system. The ultra-low watt density is engineered to perform optimally with a ton of control.

The HopRocket can be used with or without the RIMS Rocket. It’s an innovative hop infusing tool that can be used as a hopback or as an inline hop infuser (Randalizer), or an inline filter. Order one here.

Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter

Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter $99

FastFerment makes it easy to brew and clean with a 6″ removable screw top lid. At 7.9 US gallons/30 liters, the FastFerment is made for 5 or 6.5 US gallon batches with blow offs. The FastFerment comes with an easy wall mounting system that mounts to standard 16″ wall studs. It also has a flat-bottomed collection ball for yeast harvesting – you can save 100’s & harvest your yeast strains. In addition, there are temperature monitoring capabilities with a brass thermowell included. Accessories including a small stand, carrying strap, thermometer and extra collection balls are available.

Blichmann BeerGun Stainless Steel Bottle Filler

Blichmann BeerGun Stainless Steel Bottle Filler $99.99

With the new Blichmann BeerGun you will never have to carefully siphon beer into bottles while worrying about active yeast, the proper amount of priming sugar for carbonation and leaving proper headspace again. Now better than ever the Stainless Steel BeerGun bottle filler is a zero-tool disassembly and comes with a convenient carrying case.

Powered by Quiescent Flow Technology (another Blichman patent), the Blichmann BeerGun Stainless Steel Bottle Filler eliminates the complicated, time-consuming operation and cleaning of traditional CP bottle fillers used to fill bottles from kegs while maintaining their primary function – purging a bottle with CO2 (no oxygen pickup) and filling it with minimal foaming and carbonation loss. Couple that with the auto-fill level – and the ability to fill bottles of any depth without modification – and this filler is a clear standout.

The BeerGun is simple to connect and get up and running. The BeerGun has two connections. 1. Connects to your keg via the included BeerGun Accessory kit 2. The other connects to your CO2 distributor. Both of these connections are controlled with independent levers on the beer gun. To operate, simply dispense CO2 into your bottle to purge oxygen, then fill your bottle with beer, lastly top off your bottle with a bit more CO2; seal/cap your bottle, and you’re done. Simple!

The BeerGun Accessory Kit now comes standard with the BeerGun and you can order it here.


10″ Draft beer Hop back Randall $55.46

This gift is not strictly just for homebrewers but is made to infuse finished draft beer from the corny keg with more flavor, presumably hops but you can add anything at risk of clogging. Try whole or very coarsely grown coffee beans, sliced fruit like watermelon or grapefruit, you could even go crazy and add cacao nibs and strawberries. Or keep it simple and pack it full of fresh whole cone Citra hops for a bright lemon floral flavor bouquet and nose that cant be matched in the brewing process.


Mark II Bottle Washer

Back in my earlier homebrewing days, washing and sanitizing bottes was one of the most annoying and unfun parts of the process. I wish I had this Mark II Bottle Washer that can easily and efficiently wash thirty 22oz bottles at once!

Using the existing Keg and Carboy Washer basin, this system allows for hands-free continuous washing, rinsing, or sanitizing. Using an 8-jet manifold, this system allows you to drop a pre-loaded tray of bottles directly onto the jets for fast and easy cleaning. No more soaking, no more bottle brushes that spray cleaner everywhere when you take them out. You’ll definitely want to add this to your arsenal of cleaning equipment.

Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer Pump and Basin NOT INCLUDED. More info and to order, go here.

Did we miss anything? Check out Homebrew Supply.com for more options and all your homebrewing, winemaking, coffee roasting needs.

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