Wayfinder Beer releases Collaborations with Gigantic & Zoiglhaus


Wayfinder Beer has been open for a few months now and while their 10bbl brewhouse is being installed, Brewer Kevin Davey has been busy brewing collaborations with local brewers. This Tuesday 11/29 at 4:30pm they are holding a release party for three new collabs, one made with Gigantic Brewing and two made with Zoiglhaus Brewing.  Kevin Davey worked with Alan Taylor (owner of Zoiglhaus Brewery) to make a nearly IPA level hopped Czech-style Pilsner and a New England-style hazy IPA. With Van Havig & Ben Love (co-owners of Gigantic Brewery) they crafted a strong India Pale Lager or IPL. 

The beers:

‘Saaz-All’ Czech-style Pilsner      5.2% ABV – 45 BU

brewed at Zoiglhaus

An assertive lager, constructed with Bohemian malt, Saaz hops and Czech yeast. The tasty interplay between the lightly rich body, lager aromas and spicy, grassy hops screams ‘drink me, now.’ Unfiltered, for maximum flavor.

‘Fluffer’ IPA       6.1% ABV – 55 BU

brewed at Zoiglhaus

This ‘Bernie Sanders-style IPA’ is golden-colored, cloudy, not overly bitter, and loaded with new-school hop character. There’s something about this combination of headily fruity hops (Mosaic, Azacca, Ella, Citra, Amarillo) and body-building grains (malted wheat, malted & golden naked oats) that’s undeniably tasty and compelling.

‘(I Love it When You Call Me) Dip Hoppa’ NW Pils/IPL     6.6% ABV – 45 BU

brewed at Gigantic

We ‘dipped’ a heaping pile of Mosaics in the fermenter at the beginning of fermentation, delivering a fabulous nose to this gorgeous golden brew. (‘Dip hopping’ involves steeping the hops in warm water in the fermenter for about an hour before run-in.) Weyermann Vienna & Pils malt provides a beautiful structure; lager yeast provides a clean slate for the dank Mosaics to shine on. We’d like to think Biggie would approve.

Wayfinder Head Brewer Kevin Davey

Wayfinder Head Brewer Kevin Davey © The New School, 2016

To celebrate this bounty of hoppy delights, Wayfinder is throwing a Collabo-Release Party this Tuesday, 11/29 at 4:30 pm. The brewers involved will be in the house talking beer, telling lies and holding court as per usual. The team is also collaborating with Wayfinder kitchen manager Ryan Day on a top-secret ‘Party Mix’ for guests to enjoy on the house, stay tuned for details.

Wayfinder Beer is a new brewery project located at 304 SE 2nd Avenue in Portland OR’s Central Eastside neighborhood. Wayfinder’s 8,900 square-foot facility features a 110-seat beer hall, a 100+ seat outdoor deck and a wood-fired pub menu; house brews from a custom 10-barrel brewhouse will come online in early 2017. For more info https://www.newschoolbeer.com/2016/09/wayfinder-beer-opening-preview.html

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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