Ten Beer Gadgets To Add To Your Holiday Wish List


There are more beer geek gadgets out there than you know, and what better time to showcase them than the holidays when making your gift lists. This is the 3rd and final part of our holiday gift guide; check out part 1 here and the special homebrewers edition here. Today we focus on gadgets and tech that will improve the quality of your life.


RC Beer Delivery Cooler 

Quite possibly the coolest thing on this list is a beer cooler/ice chest built into an RC truck. This baby can carry 30 cans and ice straight to you and your friends via remote control. No longer will you need to carry cases down the street, into backyards, parks and beaches; the RC Beer Delivery Rover can do it for you. BONUS: it has a built-in stereo, two cup holders, and working LED headlights. The speakers work with an auxiliary input.


Kirin Frozen Beer Maker

Frozen/slushy style beer is all the rage in Japan, and Kirin has a handy unit for making and serving your own at home. This allows you to serve a regular liquid beer with a partially frozen, soft serve-like beer head on top and is my other favorite thing on this list. Best of all, these things are not readily available in America; the odd one can be found for over a hundred bucks via clandestine channels. But now, someone on Amazon is selling them for $35.60 with free shipping right now. You would be crazy not to purchase one at that price. Check out this unboxing video on youtube to see how it works https://youtu.be/-Z3ezsvFL8g


Bottle Loft

Born from a successful kickstarter project, the Bottle Loft is said to be the world’s first magnetic bottle hanger. The Bottle Loft frees up a lot of space in your refrigerator for other things while making it easy to grab a beer. This product uses Neodymium magnets available and genuine 3M low temperature adhesive to make BottleLoft a cool, safe, and useful product. Unlike the copies that simply glue magnets to the plastic carrier, BottleLoft secures the magnets with a designed interlock between the magnet assemblies and strip, making it impossible for them to come loose. These high grade N52 magnets can hold over 3X the weight of a typical 12oz bottle by its cap alone. Genuine 3M VHB (Very High Bond) low temperature adhesive assures your BottleLoft remains ‘stuck’ to your refrigerator ceiling.


Fizzics Waytap

The simplicity of the fizzics waytap in both design and function are what makes it most appealing. This countertop device turns bottled or canned beer into draft beer; it’s basically a dispenser that improves carbonation and head for a more draft-like sensation. All you have to do is crack a bottle or can and put it inside, and the waytap automatically pressurizes it (which also keeps it fresh). Actually, the ability to keep an opened vessel under pressure might be the best feature of this gadget. But once you do pull the tap, it controls the flow digitally while keeping the vessel under pressure.


DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler with Keg Cap – 64 oz

There are now many double wall-insulated, stainless steel growlers, even ones that are able to be pressurized with gas for fresher draft-beer like action. It’s hard to choose which is the best, but the most affordable model is the locally-made DrinkTanks Stainless Beer Growler with Keg Cap. If you already have a DrinkTanks growler but not the keg tap that dispenses using C02 cartridges, you can buy just the cap and tap system standalone here.


Menu Beer Foamer

There are a few different products on the market designed to give your beer a good foamy head but the Menu Beer Foamer is the classiest looking of all of them. This copper topped device looks slick on any bar and is designed to froth a beer without splashing and de-carbonating your beer. Supposedly it creates a crisp, bubbly beer and softer, dense foam more like beer served via c02 draft.

Pour a 1/4″ – 1/2″ of beer into the container. Put the top in place and press the button. While you pour the rest of your beer into your glass–gently and carefully in order to keep all those wonderful bubbles in the beer–the foam will rise in the foamer’s glass beneath the copper top. Take the top off and gently pour the foam on top of your beer. Enjoy!


iPhone Charge Sync Cable + Bottle Opener + Key Chain + Mini Stylus Pen + Dust Plug

This is a model in versatility for the tech and beer savvy drinker. This little gadget folds up into a key chain clip that’s also designed to pop bottles. But that’s not all–a cord pulls out from each side to be used as an iPhone charger or syncing cable. And yet that is still not all–there is even a built in stylus pen. Feel like you are the James Bond of beer with this snazzy little gadget, on sale for only $13.87.


Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Premium Kit

Are you or someone you know crafty? Well actually you don’t need to be to use this home bottle cutter to make your own gifts for your friends or to someone who might do the same. Turn your favorite beer bottles into glasses, vases, light fixtures, planters, or all sorts of things. This premium kit has everything you need, including sandpaper to round those sharp edges.


6-Pack Bottle Locks with Keys

OK, I am not entirely sure these bottle locks will work on beer bottles, but according to the description, it works on many. They are clearly designed for expensive wine and liquor, though, and I am guessing some of my readership drinks one or the other, too. Keep your spendy booze away from your thieving housemate or trifling significant over with a 6-pack of bottle locks from Tantalus. How the Wine and Whiskey Bottle Lock works:

1. Leave the original screw cap/cork in place
2. In the open position, slide the Wine Bottle Lock onto the bottle neck as far as it will go
3. Push the Wine Bottle Lock into the closed position
4. Turn the key to lock the Wine and Liquor Bottle Lock in place
5. Check for a secure fit, as all bottles are different
6. To remove, turn the key to unlock the Wine Bottle Lock and simply remove from the bottle

Includes a Five (5) year warranty from Solly’s Health Shop. Please note: each lock will include 2 keys, however all the locks in this 6 pack may not be keyed alike.

Also includes a free stainless steel wine/liquor bottle pourer! Pourer works with most wine and liquor bottles on the market and a free liquor bottle speed pourer!


Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller

Usually you find these bottle coolers in wine shops and on the counters of winos, but they work equally well for beer. If you’re like me and have a big cellar and not enough refrigerator space, these are awesome for chilling your beer down fast. A can of soda or beer chills from room temperature to 43 degree F in just one minute; the extra-chill setting takes it right down to 34 degrees F. A bottle of wine (the machine lid removes for extra-long bottles) chills in just six minutes. You can also use it to do the opposite and warm up a drink.

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