New Brewed By Gnomes Micro-taproom at Growlers Hawthorne

The new Brewed By Gnomes Micro-taproom at Growlers Hawthorne is up and running as of this week. Billed as “the premier gnome beer destination and ultimate gnome experience,” the new room is a permanent installation in a small room (closet, really, so it’s gnome-sized) in the back of Growlers Hawthorne. There are four Brewed By Gnomes beers available in the Growlers taproom, and a short journey down the hall puts you in the Gnome Room.

Mrs. ElGordo enjoying a pint in the Gnome Room.

Mrs. ElGordo enjoying a pint in the Gnome Room.

One chair and a platform featuring some comfy cushions are really all that’s in the tiny space. It is indeed built for gnomes, as the burlap drop ceiling renders little headroom for a large American male. The space reminded me of a smoking circle in a hippie’s basement, with some gnome art and forest accouterments adorning the walls to add to the atmosphere. It’s a decidedly different atmosphere than the front room, or any other pub in town, for that matter.

Current taplist at the Gnome Room

Current taplist at the Gnome Room.

The reason to come to the Gnome Room, though, is the beer, and Brewed By Gnomes delivers on its promise of unique herbal beers. Shay Hosseinion has fine-tuned his recipes and really dialed in some one-of-a-kind beers. The current taplist features four interesting ales.

The Temptress of Light – Brewed with quince, this beer is light-bodied and effervescent with a slightly sweet aroma and a hint of citrus. It has a fruity and slightly astringent finish.

Bringer of Dreams – Brewed with fennel and mugwort, this beer is herbaceous, malty, and slightly savory. Akin to Old Town Brewing’s recent beer featuring candy cap mushrooms, it was a pleasant surprise on a cold winter night.

Seducer of Virility – Featuring cardamom and orange, this was my favorite of the bunch. Herbaceous on the nose and golden in color, sweet orange flavor yields to a mild bitterness on the finish. Some Belgian yeast esters further liven up an already interesting brew.

Saver of Lives – This gluten-free beer lacks the husky bitter grain flavor that a lot of GF beers have. It features a sweet aroma with both the honeysuckle and heather coming through. The nice creamy body leads to a smooth finish; I probably would have had no idea it’s gluten-free if it hadn’t been on the menu.

Check out the Gnome Room inside Growlers Hawthorne at 3445 SE Hawthorne Blvd in Portland. Brewed By Gnomes beers are available whenever Growlers is open, noon-9pm, 7 days a week.