Little Beast Brewing Previews Upcoming Bottle Releases

Charles Porter debuts his Little Beast Brewing beers Fera and Bes

Little Beast Brewing is Oregon’s newest wild, mixed culture fermentation, and farmhouse-inspired brewery based out of Beaverton. The brewery will be previewing its first beers this week at a series of events. With just a few beers under its belt, Little Beast Brewing is gearing up to release “Fera” and “Bes” in caged and corked 750ml bottles, which will be followed by 375ml rare releases and other seasonals that will be sold under a cellar club membership available soon.

Little Beast Brewing owners Charles Porter and Brenda Crow


Founder/Brewer Charles Porter comes from Logsdon Farmhouse Ales and before that Upland Brewing in Indiana, and his business and life partner Brenda Crow is a veteran of Olympia Provisions and recently represented Laura Chenel Chevre and Marin French Cheese, so the couple’s artisanal, handmade, rustic food and drink culinary pedigree is very strong.

Both of Little Beast’s launch beers Fera and Bes are more subtle, light, rustic ales that won’t hit you over the head with sourness or extreme hops, spices or other flavoring. Both traditional rustic ales that would make a great place on the table and paired with meat, cheese and bread.


This Farmhouse saison is fermented 100% with Brettanomyces wild yeast and brewed with European malts and Noble hops. Dry, light, stone fruit, strawberry and and spice flavors merge with a mild tartness and hoppy bite. Similar to a wild/mixed fermented pale ale.  6.25% ABV


This Tart Wheat Ale might sound like a Berliner-Weisse or Wit on paper but it’s much more rustic and unique in charager. Flavored with chamomile, belgian malts and noble hops this farmhouse wild ale is fermented with a blend of unique Saccharomyces yeast and conditioned with Lactobacillus. It’s a yeast forward flavor profile with some of the banana, clove you might find in more bavarian beers but with a funkier, earthier bite and notes of pineapple, lemon and coconut. 6% ABV

Fera and Bes will surely improve with bottle conditioning but you can get your chance to meet Charles and Brenda this week and next and try their first beers at the series of events listed below.

Launch Events

Loyal Legion
Thursday, April 27, 5-8pm
Facebook event:

The Beer Mongers
Friday, April 28, 5-8pm
Facebook event:

Belmont Station
Wednesday, May 3, 5-8pm
Facebook event:

Horse Brass
Thursday, May 4, 5-8pm
Facebook event:

Wednesday, May 17, 5-8pm
Facebook event:

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