Engine House No. 9 Beers now available in Oregon

The well respected but tiny Engine House No. 9 brewery in Tacoma, Washington has made a name for their sour and wild ales and now thanks to Shelton Brothers Oregon distribution they are available in Oregon. Taking up residence in an old firestation, Engine House No. 9 is a small 7 barrel brewery with off-site barrel house with around 200 wine barrels and some bourbon barrels.

Owner and brewer Donovan Stewart says “At this point we will mainly be shipping our bottles of barrel aged saisons. some fruited saisons and mixed culture fruited sour/wild ales, and a limited amount of draft versions of those. We are extremely excited to be represented by Shelton Brothers Oregon and feel they are the best fit with their portfolio to get our beers in the best bottle shops and drinking establishments.”

I already spied some of their caged and corked 750ml bottles at Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom and Donovan says they will be sending some kegs, around 60 in their initial shipment.

Engine House has sent the following beers down to Oregon so far:
Du Vieux Monde (batch 2) 750mL
Funky Farmer Ralph (batch2) 750mL
Selcouth (batch 1) 750mL
Atma (20L draft)
Petite Belle (Grissette) draft
Argy Bargy (traditional BA Berliner) draft
Foo Faraw (traditional BA Berliner on raspberries) draft
Frambuesa Moka (dark sour on raspberries) draft
and a couple one-off drafts, Tayberry farmhouse, Rhubarb Wild.
Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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  • Jim Parker
    Jim Parker
    Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:31 PM

    Cool historical note and local angle: E9’s original brewhouse was designed by none other than Karl Ockert right after he left BridgePort the first time.