5 Questions for Falling Sky Brewing’s Scott Sieber

Falling Sky lead brewer Scott Sieber

Scott Sieber came to Eugene, Oregon, thirteen years ago as a college student at San Luis Obispo on summer break, but he never returned. A native of Visalia, California, he got a summer job at Eugene’s Valley Vintner homebrew supply shop, quickly fell in love with brewing, and promptly dropped out of college and never left town. In January 2012 Scott co-founded Falling Sky Brewing as an owner and lead brewer. Scott had discovered homebrewing in 2012 at San Luis Obispo and pursued brewing professionally as an unpaid intern for Trevor Howard at Rogue’s Eugene City Brewery. He took over the brewing reigns as head brewer when Trevor left to found Hop Valley Brewing. He spent much of his tenure at Eugene City Brewing actually distilling at Rogue’s Newport Distillery before they let him go and he returned to the homebrew supply shop. There, he co-founded Falling Sky Brewing, which now has a mini Eugene empire that includes the original brewpub, a second Pour House and Delicatessen location, a Pizzeria Pub on the U of O campus, and the homebrew supply shop that started it all.

This is chapter six in a monthly series in which we check in with brewers on what they are drinking, eating, enjoying and what’s currently bubbling away in their fermenters.

Q: What is your favorite beer right now?

Scott: My favorite beer of ours right now is 3rd Rauch From the Sun. With only 21% smoked malt it has a great smokey nuance. Other than that, the beer that is in my hand is my favorite. I have crushed quite a few Summerfest at the river this summer.

Q: What is the Eugene beer community like? Do you think it’s different than say Portland, and how?

I love the Eugene Brewing community; we all help each other out when needed. Either it be that we are short on ingredients, borrowing a DO meter, sharing yeast or just having a beer together.

Q: What are you really enjoying as far as food and drink right now in Eugene?

One of my favorite food spots right now is Buck Buck, great fried chicken and it also helps the cart is at Oakshire’s public house.

Q: What is the most exciting thing right now in the Eugene beer scene?

Exciting things in the Eugene beer scene, I’m happy to see that Sasquatch Brewfest is making a come back. Our summer brewers dinner is coming up on the 13th. Alesong’s new taproom and another brewery is close to opening up as well. The passing of the guard at the Bier Stein is big news.

Q: What beers are new or fresh at Falling Sky right now and what do you have in the tanks right now?

There is always something new or fresh on tap at Falling Sky, so it’s hard to keep up. We just tapped our Vykis Baltic Porter at the pub, which is the first Baltic Porter I have brewed.

Beers in the tank I’m excited about are: for batch 500 I made a Imperial version of our Juniper Rye clocking in at 9% ABV. We just made a Pineapple Sour and have more kettle sours planned. The next sour we are making is a wedding beer with Aaron Brusset styling it after a Bellini so it will have peach and muscat juice. We are also having a lot of fun doing our Hefe’s in the open fermenters it’s fun top cropping the yeast and can’t beat the yeast health and viability from the top crop. Its a little far away but I have been working out the logistics to make a Eisbock this winter which I am very excited for since I have never made one.

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