Ross Island Brewing Is Up for Sale or New Investment

Unfortunately, even Portland’s booming craft beer scene is continuing to shows signs of slowdown as today Ross Island Brewing announces it is up for sale. The brewery is only one year old, but is looking for a new business partner and operating capital or, failing that, a complete sale to new owners. In the meantime, the brewery will remain open.

Ross Island Brewing has been one of the most anticipated new breweries by the New School in 2015 and 2016. It’s the longtime project of brewer Carston Haney, who cranked out great beers at Alameda Brewing, where he created hits like Yellow Wolf IPA. Sadly, Ross Island Brewing’s location near the east side of Ross Island bridge has not generated the local traffic that its beers deserve. A lack of extra capital that is partially due to a yearlong delay in opening because of city permitting issues has left the startup with little room to wiggle and gain a larger following. A solid brewer from the beginning, Ross Island’s classic pub styles have been good, even if they aren’t what’s trendy.

“After jumping through the many hoops of building a brewery and building a brand, I realized that I’m a much better brewer than a businessman. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have sought out business partners from the beginning of this venture. The extended delays and unanticipated expenses involved with permitting and inspections for the City of Portland exhausted my starting capital and left the business deeply in debt.”

“However, we now have a fully operational turnkey brewery making excellent beer, a tasting room, and many active draft accounts in the Portland area.”

“I am open to a complete turnkey sale, alternating proprietorship, or to bringing in a business partner with equity. I will stay on for as long as necessary to ensure successful transition.”

~ Carston Haney

During this transitional phase the taproom will remain open Thursday-Saturday from 4-9 PM and the brewery is continuing to make new beers. So folks, as I know so many of you have never even visited Ross Island Brewing, now is the time to get your ass down there!
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Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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