12 Oregon Brewers You Should Be Following on Instagram

All the millenials are on Instagram these days, and that includes many of the favorite brewers you know and love, and many more that you probably do not know. Rather than just following the not-so-personal business accounts of breweries, how about following the more intimate accounts of some of the brewers themselves? These are twelve of our favorite Oregon brewers on Instagram that you should follow now. Before you do that, though, go ahead and follow us @newschoolbeer.

@breaksidetwinsagain – various, at Breakside Brewery

Not so much a chronicle of any single brewers life but a fun and slightly goofy account of Breakside brewers and staff wearing the same outfits or dressing similarly, often in funny or playful ways. It all started when Breakside brewer Natalie Baldwin showed up for work in a similar outfit to fellow brewer Daniel Hynes. This turned out to be a frequent occurrence, and the whole staff of Breakside’s three locations has gotten in on the act. You can find tons of fun photos and videos posted pretty frequently from this little-known Instagram account.

@whitneyburnside – Whitney Burnside, Head Brewer at 10 Barrel Brewing PDX

Foodie, DIY homemaker, adventurer, and brewer Whitney Burnside fills her colorful personal Instagram page with beautiful photos of stuff you probably wish you were doing. Fun fact: Whitney is the only female Head Brewer in Portland, where she creates amazing lagers and ales at the Portland location of 10 Barrel Brewing. On her feed you will find Whitney slicing up and processing various special ingredients for beers, from cocoa nibs to lime zest and peaches, plus vermouth tastings, barrel aging, cats, and collaborations between outdoor adventures with friends. Live vicariously through Whitney.

@pfriem_brewmaster – Josh Pfriem, Owner/Brewmaster of pFriem Family Brewers

Owner/brewmaster and Mr. Pfriem himself, Josh Pfriem has a little-known and young Instagram profile that mostly follows Josh’s traveling beer adventures. Get some insight into the creating of some of Oregon’s best brews on his Instagram feed and get a taste of some of his inspirations while he visits breweries like Cantillon in Belgium and hop fields in Germany.

@sedgebrews – Shilpi Halemane, Head Brewer at Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Shilpi Halemane is the recently appointed new Head Brewer of Logsdon Farmhouse Ales and a veteran of Widmer Brothers Brewing. As a yeast-obsessed foodie and brewer, you can catch his rustic experiences brewing and tasting on his personal Instagram feed. On the regularly updated account Shilpi posts about everything from spontaneously fermenting lambic-style of beers in coolships to homemade powdered pastries, pizza, and Jersey subs. Now that I think about it there is a lot of Italian food represented here among lots of beautiful photos of the countryside, wine grapes, and barrel blending.

@treverbasspdx – Trevor Bass, Head Brewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery

When he’s not functioning as Hopworks’s Head Brewer, Trever Bass is most likely out in nature discovering mushrooms, cacti, and other strange fungi, fruit, and botanicals. Clearly inspired by the outdoors, Trevor lists plants and outside places as the prime interests of his Instagram page, outside of beer of course. He also has some photography gems in the mix from close-ups of the Gorge fires and wild flowers to bees caked in pollen and picking hops in Yakima.

@littlebeast_brewmaster – Charles Porter, owner/brewmaster of Little Beast Brewing

Charles Porter is the ex-Logsdon Farmhouse Ales head brewer turned founder and brewmaster of Beaverton’s Little Beast Brewing. His personal Instagram page has an impressive nearly thirteen hundred followers, and in it he chronicles mostly his Little Beast beers, but also his love of foraging and coffee. On his occasionally updated page you will find pellicles of wild yeast forming on his latest mixed fermentation experiments to particularly inspiring design work, coffee, wine and spirits. His feed is a great way to find out what is in the pipeline for Little Beast and just what inspires Chuck in his latest projects and world trips.

@thomasbleigh – Thomas Bleigh, Innovation Brewmaster at Craft Brew Alliance/Widmer

Local industry veteran Tom Bleigh has headed up production everywhere from Pyramid Brewing to Rock Bottom PDX and Hopworks Urban Brewery, he now heads up Craft Brew Alliance and Widmer’s pilot brewery and Innovation Brewing program. If you are interested in what Widmer has up their sleeves with the new innovation brewery tasting room than Tom is the person to follow. From their tricked out 10bbl JVNW brewhouse on display at the new tasting room, Bleigh creates all sorts of experiments and one-offs that could become the next major release or buzz-worthy beer. In addition to lots of beer pics, you will find plenty of home cooking and gardening, friends, family and an eye for architecture and landscapes.

@brewsterlisa – Lisa Allen, Head Brewer at Heater Allen Brewing

Lisa Allen is the head brewer of Oregon’s preeminent lager brewery Heater Allen and the daughter of founder Rick Allen. From their home in rural wine country of McMinnville, Oregon, Lisa posts lots of photos of foggy outdoor landscapes, farm animals and brewing. You are perhaps more likely to see a mountain vista or foggy forest covered mountains as Lisa dressed up in a traditional German dirndl or taking a selfie with a liter of German lager.

@giganticbenlove – Co-owner/Brewer at Gigantic Brewing

Following the co-founder and brewer of Gigantic Brewing is similar to following a less famous and more beer-centric Anthony Bourdain. Ben Love gets around and has an eye for colorful art and funny scenes. Whether it’s traveling through Japan, China, and Iceland, to just great beer bars and Portland personalities, he keeps his Instagram feed lively.

@woodandwool – Anne Aviles, Brewer at De Garde Brewing

Anne Aviles is the De Garde Brewing tasting room bartender turned brewer and cellarman who fills her Instagram feed with photos of barrel fermentations and the beautiful Oregon coast. Following her Instagram feed is like experiencing a little slice of life on the quiet Tillamook county full of quiet beachside walks, stormy skies, and lots of animals. It’s like a romantic, sleepy, but accurate depiction of living in Oregon’s coastal beer and winemaking community while enjoying a life of adventure.

@alesongmatt – Matt van Wyk, Co-owner/Brewer at Alesong Brewing & Blending

Co-founder of Alesong Brewing & Blending and former Oakshire Brewmaster Matt van Wyk fairly regularly posts about beers, brewing, travels, festivals and family from his already well-followedIinstagram account. Regularly giving props to other great and influential beers, Matt isn’t afraid to give props to other brewers, coffee, foods and wines he loves. You may even get some insight into building a startup farmhouse brewery and adding difficult ingredients like fruits and herbs to your beers. Got a question? Matt is likely to answer your comment on one of his pics.

@wizard_sauce – Austen Conn, Lead Brewer at Buoy Beer

The profile of Buoy Beer’s lead brewer Austen Conn who we profiled in a brief Q & A here. If you wonder what it’s like brewing and living in one of the premiere coastal towns and breweries than his well curated Instagram page is one to follow. Austen does not post that often but his pics are often high-quality shots of barrels being filled, beautiful beers and the sea and of course dogs, friends, tattoos and brewing.

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