2017 Beer Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual beer geek gift guide is here with just enough time to still make your orders for the holidays. We have scoured the interwebs, catalogs, and more to curate a list of the best beer gadgets, merchandise, tech, tools, wearables, and more, and many of these you won’t find on any other lists. You may just want to purchase them for yourselves or forward this story to your loved ones.

BruMate HOPSULATOR TRíO 3-in-1 Insulated Can Cooler 16oz 12oz Pint Glass

I love my Yeti Can Cooler, but what to do when you need a way to hold and chill a 16oz tall can? Thankfully BruMate has the best solution so far. Other companies make 16oz can coolers, but BruMate’s Hopsulator Trio not only is made for 16oz cans, but it has an adapter to use with 12oz cans AND the ability to be used as a pint glass, something the other coolers like the Yeti cannot do. Also, it’s more affordable than most at only $25. 

GrowlerWerks uPint

The GrowlerWerks uPint is a double-wall vacuum-insulated pint that keeps beer and other beverages cold. Its made of 8/18 food grade stainless steel. It comes with an integrated lid with wide opening for easy sipping. The design is inspired by the innovative uKeg. The uKeg dimples make the uPint easy to grip. The uPint is also great for keeping beverages hot. Available in stainless steel, copper or black chrome plated finishes.  Holds 16 ounces. The Holy Grail of Beer Pints.

Professional Bartender Beer/Wine Bottle Opener

Bottle openers and corkscrews are a dime a dozen, but this professional level one from Avina is well worth having, especially if you or your friend or loved one is into big expensive wax topped and/or corked bottles. This product is designed for wine and even comes with a special pop top bottle opener; it’s just as good for beer, and what it has over the typical corkscrew is a sharp curved blade to slice through foil wrapping or a wax top to get at the cap and cork. There is nothing worse than going to open a super rare barrel-aged bottle of blah blah blah and not being able to find a sharp knife, or finding a cork inside and being without a corkscrew. As a bonus, it comes with a wine stopper that works on many 750ml large format beer bottles as well.

Dickens Village Oast House Hop Harvest

A Charles Dickens-inspired Christmas ornament of the hop harvest is too cool to pass up! In the time of Dickens in Victorian England, many traditions were born, like the preparation of freshly harvested hops for drying in the Olde Brambling Oast House, as depicted in this ornament. Part of the Dickens’ Village Series from Department 56.

Hanging Hop Light

I saw this hanging hop light at a brewery tasting room in San Diego and found that it is commercially made and available on Amazon! Apparently it was modeled after a pine cone, but it resembles a hop even more closely and is available in different metallic colors. Created with layers of pointed polycarbonate leaves, creating a fully diffused, glare-free lighting experience. The leaves taper to a point at the bottom of the shade and are attached to the clear interior frame, spreading the internally reflected light through each tier, creating a wonderful ambiance.

Available as a hard-wired or plugin pendant, table lamp, or floor lamp, and comes in two sizes and three colors: classic white, contemporary copper, or warm brushed brass.

Growlerwerks 128oz uKeg

The uKeg from Growlerwerks is possibly the classiest growler on the market and most convenient, too. From polished steel or the brushed copper look and a new black chrome, it looks steampunk retro-futuristic and comes in standard growler 64oz or full gallon 128oz sizes. What makes it awesome, though, is the pressure gauge and meter, sight glass to see how full it is, and its own lockable tap faucet, so you can pour a pint from the uKeg straight from your refrigerator without removing it or hooking up a cobra tap or pulling it out to open the cap.

Powered by Gluten T-Shirt

33 Books Co. makes cool shirts in addition to sweet tasting journals. Gluten is essential in most tasty wheat or other grain-based products like pies, scones, pizza and, of course, beer. Proclaim your love of all things gluten with this sweet shirt available now on the 33 Books website for just $25.

Warrior Beard Wash Bar – Beard Wash Bar Made with Beer

Warrior is concocted with an intoxicating blend of stout and hydrating oils to help condition your beard making it noticeably softer. By adding Warrior® hops, the wash will help soften your beard and reduce “beardruff.” By using elite oils such as jojoba and argan, the wash is the ultimate for moisturizing and conditioning your rough beard hair. Lavender oil helps reduce stress and anxiety while helping reduce skin blemish invasions. The beer brings additional vitamins to your skin and whiskers softening and strengthening the course hairs… your partner will thank us later.


The United States of Beer Tasting Map

If you know a beer connoisseur who loves to travel than surely they will love the massive 39 inch wide and 25 inches tall United States of Beer Tasting Map from the makers of 33 Beers books. Journey across the 50 states of beer, trying (and logging) a beer from each state using the format you’re familiar with from the 33 Beers book. Each state contains an area to log a beer from that state, with a place for the beer’s name, brewer, the date you tried it, and of course, the standard 33 Beers flavor wheel. For low values of the flavor, fill in dots near the wheel’s center. A Belgian-style dubbel from Oregon is used in the example shown. Only $25 and there is a discount for first-time customers at https://33books.com/collections/posters/products/united-states-of-beer-poster

33 Brews: A Homebrewing Log and Brew Journal

The latest product from 33 Books is this homebrewing log/beer journal, a classy addition to any brewers library. As the website says: Someone once said, “The difference between drinking beer and tasting beer is taking notes.” Bound in a recycled chipboard softcover, it lays flat and wears well, and it never runs out of batteries! With a compact size (5 x 7 inches), 33 Brews is the perfect addition to your brewing kit. $7

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: SamuraiArtist@NewSchoolBeer.com


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    napoleon bonerparte
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      Kyle Basa
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