Agrarian Ales Launches Kettle Sour Series and Field Beer Saison in Bottles

Eugene, Oregon’s Agrarian Ales (technically located in Coburg) is one of the state’s oldest and most interesting farmhouse breweries, and one of the only ones located on an actual farm. Previously only available on draft other than the occasional limited specialty large format bottle release, Agrarian is now offering a new flagship “Field Bier” farmhand saison year-round in 500ml bottles as well as a rotating Kettle Sour Series. See our review of Agrarian’s beautiful farm brewpub here.

Agrarian Ales has recently gone through a refresh after head brewer Tobias Schock left to open the upcoming Awheel Pizza Pub & Brewery. They have some nice new branding, a website and a real sales rep in Mike Naylor. The branding now establishes the brewery’s status as farmers who grow their own hops, with bottles emblazoned with the new name “Agrarian Hop Farm Ales” as opposed to the old name of simply Agrarian Ales.

Field Beer – Farmhand Saison Ale

field-to-table kitchen to our hop and vegetable farm, we are all farmhands turning the cogs of this unforgettable experience. Intentionally created as a simple, defining beer for inspiring reflection after a day of working in the field, Field Bier is: organic Belgian pilsner malt, French saison yeast, Agrarian nugget hops and fresh well water.

Field Bier defines our sense of place out in the countryside doing what we do. From our farmhouse brewery to our

Persephone (plum) is named after the Greek Goddess of spring. With a deep infusion of plum character, this sour ale is reminiscent of biting into a ripe red plum – tart plum skin and all. The light bready malt base provides a simple canvas for the subtleties of plum to emerge within the assertiveness of lactic acid sourness.

Eros (cherry) is named after the Greek God of romantic love. Eros combines notes of pie cherry tartness with a clean and toasty graham cracker malt base. The delicate fruit tannins ride the palate upfront only to transition into a bright lactic and cherry acid finish. Subtle yet substantial, much like love itself.

Dryad (spruce tip) is named after the Greek spirit of tree nymphs. Dry-hopped with estate grown crystal hops and fresh spring spruce tips harvested right outside the brewery windows; this sour blonde emanates layers of lemon zest and pine essence. This beer is like having lemonade on a rainy day somewhere deep in the woods of the Northwest while watching the tree nymphs zip around and frolic amongst the treetops.

Aristaeus (rye and honey) is named after the Greek god, creator and protector of bee keeping. With a hefty dose of rye malt this sour ale harkens back to classic pumpernickel bread. Caramelized honey and fresh cut fennel flower combine to add nuances of sweetened anise to this tangy sour ale. This beer is built as an artisanal reflection into what is meant by “liquid bread”.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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