Belmont Station opens Pop-Up Bar as Biercafé Closes for Remodel

The sign on the door made it plain: as of February 4, 2018, the Biercafé at Belmont Station is closed, albeit temporarily, while the bar gets a major remodeling facelift. By Sunday evening, the thicket of decorative tap handles had been cleared from the wall separating the bar from the shop, furniture had been cleared out and stacked up, beer signs and breweriana hand been removed, and preparations have continued since then. The goal: a near-total overhaul of the bar space, with intent of changing dimensions and proportions to make more room for customers to pass through the narrow room, more seating at the bar, and an overall better experience for beertender and customer alike.

This is just the beginning.


Yep, the tap handles are gone. Will they be back?

You gotta put those tables somewhere…

Anyone who’s been to Belmont Station’s Biercafé knows already that it’s one of the finest beer-drinking venues anywhere. It’s received numerous accolades and best-of nods, all well deserved. But nothing is truly perfect, and on a busy, crowded night – especially at popular events – the narrow passageway past the bar has been a cause of some frustration for owners, bar staff, and customers alike. Work to be done during the closure will extensively remodel the bar space. And if all goes as planned, the new, improved bar will reopen on February 12.

Cleanup first, then the real work starts

Bar equipment and furnishings will either be removed, relocated, or repurposed. The bar itself will be rebuilt much closer to the back (east) wall. Beertenders will actually have less distance to reach and serve thirsty customers, and the room itself will have more space for customer movement. Think of trying to get to the restrooms from the front tables on a crowded night, and you’ll understand just part of the possible benefits from this remodel.

Beer with Goddess

In the meantime, the retail shop will still be open, and will be the primary revenue source for the business during the remodel, and starting on Thursday, February 8, there will be a pop-up bar with six taps from a kegerator out of the back patio. Belmont Station’s Pop-Up back patio bar will be open daily 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m.  There will be no bottle service from the shop out back due to logistics issues. C’mon in and visit, buy a bottle, have a draft beer out back. and please make sure that a certain Beer Goddess manages to keep her hat on.

Beer Goddess models new use for chalice. Let the remodeling commence!

You can still shop for bottles next door!

Belmont Station
4500 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 232-8538

Don Scheidt
Don Scheidt

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