Pelican Brewing Launches Fruited Series with Berried at Sea

Last year Pelican Brewing Company launched the Lone Pelican Small Batch Series and this year that series will focus on fruited beers with it’s first release being Berried at Sea. This year Pelican turns their attention to exploring new techniques and Pacific NW fruited versions of some of their classics. Berried at Sea is their Tsunami Stout with currants and blackberries, the first in the series

More from a press release:

For this exciting voyage Pelican had only one compass heading: massive quantities of flavorful fruit blended with perfectly matched beer, re-fermented to create new complexities of flavor. Each beer in this quarterly series is bold in its creation but ephemeral in its duration.

“This year we’re excited to explore some of the exceptional directions we can go with the concept of fruit as an ingredient of beer—we’ll pilot a whole realm of flavor possibilities in these special releases that will only be available for a limited time,” says Jim Prinzing, chief executive officer, Pelican Brewing Company. “Our brewers are excited to showcase some really unique, decidedly Pelican versions of fruit beers.”

Introducing the first release in the 2018 Lone Pelican Series: Berried at Sea begins its voyage as the renowned Tsunami Stout before making a port of call to take on its precious cargo of Northwest-grown blackberries and currants. Charting a course away from the typical citrus or raspberry, Pelican Brewers instead navigate a whole new realm of fruit beer exploring its darker side. With an aroma of dark chocolate and tart berry, the first sip sails across the palate to finish with tart fruit and a pleasing cocoa-like dryness.

A delicious blend of fresh Northwest berries, pale ale malt, flaked barley, chocolate malt, Black Patent malt, roasted barley, Magnum hops, Willamette hops, pure local water and pure ale yeast combine to give Berried a deep purple head with a dark chocolate finish.

ABV: 8%  |  IBU: 45  |  PLATO: 19º

“Berried at Sea drinks like a stout while emulating some of the same flavors you’ll enjoy in really nice dark chocolates with fruit blended in,” says Darron Welch, founding brewmaster Pelican Brewing Company. “The rich dark berry aroma and flavor of blackberries creates the foundation with complimentary chocolate flavors and currants to provide a tart character and finish.”


The Lone Pelican Series takes traditional beer styles and ingredients and reimagines them to demonstrate the vast spectrum of flavor experiences possible. Pelican now expands its line-up to include this new line of fruit beers including 22 oz. bottle distribution and larger draft quantities for on-premise pours.

Like all Pelican beers, Berried at Sea is born at the beach by a team of award-winning craft beer makers known for brewing styles of beer that they themselves love to drink. Cheers!

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