Pono Brewing Gets 20 Barrel Fermenters

Pono Brewing Co-owners (L to R) Erick Russ and Larry Clauser

Everyone’s favorite Portland beer distributor/contract brewer Pono Brewing has just ordered two of their own 20bbl fermenters from Practical Fusion. Delivery of the twin fermenters is expected to be in early June to outer southeast Portland’s Zoiglhaus Brewery where Pono makes their beer and just in-time for the high demand summer beer drinking season.

More from a press release:

With an extra manway, and three separate cooling zones on these fermenters, the Pono team will have more flexibility in recipes and batch sizes. Beers like their Black Hole Sun are normally confined to small batches but will soon have the option of being brewed on a larger scale with the new systems. “The second manway and extra cooling zones gives me the flexibility I need to brew with nontraditional ingredients and in various volumes,” said co-owner Larry Clauser.  

Pono’s production expansion with the new fermenters will also change their status from contract brewer to alternative proprietorship at Zoiglhaus Brewing, which has been a comfortable home for them. Last year Pono Brewing was able to get out over 400 barrels, while sharing brew space and – at peak brewing times— sometimes battling for tank space.

Being able to meet order demands for the market moves Pono Brewing one step closer to their ultimate goal of opening a commercial brew space of their own.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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  • Mark Phuckerberg
    Mark Phuckerberg
    Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:03 PM

    This news is so sick!