Uppers and Downers at Portland’s New ‘Coffee Beer’ Bar

Portland’s twin obsessions with coffee and beer are long-standing and with good reason: the city is home to some superb coffee roasters, and the city’s beer scene has a rep so good, it’s gone global. Add that there are at least a couple of coffee and beer themed beer festivals every year, and it’s a wonder that Portland hasn’t already got a place that combines the twin passions, opening early enough for coffee-drinking locals to get their wake-me-up on, and staying open late enough for evening beers before bedtime.

Because not enough ‘e’ in coffee…

… and enough ‘e’ in Beeer


Proprietor Phillip Stewart has been working on this concept for months, and Coffee Beer soft-opened in early March of 2018, with a grand opening on March 16. Inside, it’s as much café as corner beer bar, with well-chosen options. In addition to all the classic coffee drinks, four taps pour craft beer, and more beers (and ciders) are in the coolers. There’s even a selection of liquor for those needing a little spike in their coffee.

Your coffee, your beer, your liquor, or your blends …

Nice clean little coffee and beer bar

Phillip pulls an espresso

The feel is certainly that of a local corner café serving the neighborhood. It’s also very much vegan-friendly; no dairy products are used. Your latté will have soy milk, almond milk, or another alternative in it, but it won’t come with milk squeezed from cows or goats. The food menu is vegan too, including pizza (yes, with vegan cheese), sandwiches, snacks, and sides.

Coffee beer blended while you wait

“Your coffee, your beer, and all in the same glass!”

True to its name, you can get your coffee and beer blended in the same glass (if that’s your jam). Phillip will draw a cold-brew coffee and blend it with either the house brew (good ol’ Rainier lager) or any other beer of your choice. If you like it bitter, try it with Coalition Brewing‘s Two Flowers CBD IPA.

There’s no place like Coffee Beer

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like Coffee Beer, especially if it’s close to home.

Coffee Beer
4142 SE 42nd Ave
Portland, OR 97206
Tel: (503) 946-8029

Monday-Thursday: 8am – 10pm
Friday: 8am – midnight
Saturday: 9am – midnight
Sunday: 9am – 9pm

Don Scheidt
Don Scheidt

Don Scheidt has been into good beer since before the dawn of craft brewing in the Pacific Northwest. He created the Northwest Brewpage, a regional guide to good beer in Oregon and Washington, back in the mid-1990s, but has since retired it. Don started writing the Washington state “Puget Soundings” column for Celebrator Beer News in 1998, and continues to do that today. Don also wrote about beer for the Seattle Weekly in 2005-2006.


  • Guy
    Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:48 PM

    Portland already had Pints with the same model of coffee in the morning and beer in the evening.

    • Samurai Artist
      Samurai Artist
      Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:46 PM

      didnt Pints just have a coffee cart they’d roll out like a pop-up? Not quite the same as the whole place being dedicated to serving both. Does Pints still do coffee in the day?