Upland Brewing Night at Roscoe’s

This Saturday, April 14th Upland Brewing out of Indiana is in Portland with a tap takeover style event at Roscoe’s in SE Portland. In addition to Upland’s new Pearpawsterous collaboration with Cascade Brewing, there will be a bunch of other brews on tap from Cascade and Upland with brewers in the house 5 til 8pm. Upland is known for their sour ales so fans should take note of this rare opportunity as Upland is not usually available in Oregon.


Cascade Brewing:

Kentucky Peach

Pearpawsterous is a collaboration blend built in partnership with our friends at Upland Brewing. This limited project features regional ingredients source from each brewery’s home state – Oregon-grown pears and Indiana-grown paw paws – layered over a base of sour wheat ale aged for up to 12 month sin oak barrels. 7.1% ABV

Upland Brewing Beers

Our collaboration with Cascade Brewing began froma place of mutual respect and admiration. BOth breweries were founded in 1998 and started sour beer programs that focus on utilizing whole fruits and achieving a balanced acidity. Pearpawsterous is a sour ale aged on whole pawpaws from Indiana, and a custom blend of pears from Oregon. Our rendition is aged for three months on Basis, our Belgian inspired, Lambic style base beer. The result is a sour ale with layers of pawpaw and pear flavors, zesty carbonation, and a pleasently tart finish. 6.5% Abv

Revive – Barrel Aged Fruited Sour:

After extensive experimentation and feedback from our retail staff, customers, and brewing team, Revive was one of the first beers released out of the Wood Shop. The base beer is Basis, which was inspired by traditional brewing methods of Belgium brewing. The beer is aged for three to four months in oak barrels with pineapple fruit and whole chamomile flowers. That sweet tanginess of fruit combines beautifully with the floral aroma for a tart, dry, and refreshing sour ale. 6% ABV
Iridescent – Sour Blonde with Fruit and Spices:
This beer was developed through extensive experimentation by our brewers with different combinations of dried fruits and spices, using Basis as the base beer. Iridescent is a refreshing blonde sour ale, with aromas of apricot and ginger that are followed by tart and tropical flavors after aging in wine barrels for 3-4 months. As the name implies, the flavor of this sour beer appears to change subtly with each sip. 6% ABV
Luminary – Dry Hopped Persimmon, Peach, Pineapple Sour:
Persimmon is a native species of fruit bearing tree in North America. Paired with Peach and Pineapple, these fruits come together in wonderful harmony, with each delivering their own wonderful flavors and aromas on a foundation. Dry hopped with Galaxy, inviting aromas of passionfruit and citrus hop character meet the nose alongside rich fruit notes of banana, pear, peach and mango. Flavor is mildly tart, with rich peachy tropical notes balanced with delicate hops. Finish is dry, with lingering Galaxy impact. 6% ABV
Crimson – Flanders Style Red Ale:
Crimson, formerly released as Malefactor, is an American take on a Belgian Flanders-style Red Ale. Upland’s twist on this classic brewing style is aging the beer for eight months in previously used bourbon barrels rather than white oak, which contributes to a slightly higher ABV than most Upland sours, clocking in at 10%. Crimson pours a dark copper beer with hues of red and amber. Long fermentation reveals aromas of plum, red wine and cherry. The bourbon barrels add subtle notes of charred dark oak to this medium-bodied sour ale. Crimson finishes dry with notes of tanginess. 10% ABV
Oak & White:
Our relationship with Bloomington-based Oliver Winery continues in this bottle of Oak & White. Ten years ago, we traded beer for barrels from the winery to create our first batches of sour beer. Today, we still age many of our sours-such as this one-on previously used, neutral, Oliver oak wine barrels. This blend of base sour blonde ale aged in Traminette grapes from Oliver’s Creekbend Vineyard creates tart flavors reminiscent of a dry white wine. Beer and wine drinkers alike will love this creation. 7.5% ABV
This beer is our Belgian inspired, Lambic style base beer.called Basis aged in oak on Passionfruit. 5.9% ABV
Squeeze & Thank You – Hazy Pale Ale:
Our Side Trail Series was born out of curiosity. No tonly to do thes experimental, limited wuantity beers reflect our brewers’ constant pursuit of the craft and passion for innovation,. These beers invite the discovery of new, unexpected flavors. SO, kick back, sip, and expolore this hazy pale ale that will transport you to a sunnier place with notes of freshly squeezed tropical fruit and bold, juicy citrus.5.8% ABV
Champagne Velvet – Pilsner:
In 1902, Walter Braun, the son of German immigrants, created a recipe for a new pilsener beer named Champagne Velvet. Over the next 50 years it grew to become one of Indiana’s most popular beers, a go-to for many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. It was “The Beer with the Million Dollar Flavor,” which wasn’t just marketing fluff; it was actually insured with a $1 million policy.
Industrial consolidation took down this regional favorite and the recipe went missing for many years until a fan rescued the hand-written recipe from deep in a trademark portfolio. Upland reformulated the recipe using that scrap of paper and proudly brings this Midwestern legend back to life. Champagne Velvet has a refreshingly light pilsener body with some sweet complexities given off by the corn malt used in this recipe, making this the perfect lager. It’s smooth and light, but still full of flavor, the perfect everyday beer for craft beer drinkers and a step up for domestic drinkers. 5.5% ABV

Roscoe’s – 8105 SE Stark St Portland, Oregon 97215

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