Dirty Pretty Brewing Launches with Breakside Brewery Collaboration

Portland Beer Week marks the launch of Dirty Pretty Brewing, a remarkable return to the craft brewing sector by Brewmaster Carston Haney. Carston and his Ross Island Brewing is the comeback story of the year, a Rudy-like underdog story for the world of craft brewing. Once, Ross Island Brewing was among the most anticipated upcoming breweries in Portland, but after more than a year of delays and a small life savings later, the brewery did not last long and we published a search for investors or buyers on The New School last October. Enter Chefstable Group, a local restaurant/bar investment group that includes such hits as Lardo sandwiches, St. Jack, OX, Cooper’s Hall, Grassa, and La Moule (to name a few) and has more recently gotten into the beer game with Beer O’ Clock and Loyal Legion. 

After a look at the books, Chefstable Group has reportedly purchased a majority stake in the brewery that Haney and friends built. This has breathed new life into Ross Island Brewing, but also entails a rebrand and, really, a complete overhaul to become Dirty Pretty Brewing. Ross Island’s taproom is done, but now Carston has a built in audience in Chefstable Group restaurants and bars and a new lease on life that leaves him as a partial owner who can also collect a paycheck. So far the Dirty Pretty Brewing beers are a bit different than Ross Island’s (which tended towards older pub styles and English ales), with an IPA, a great pilsner, and now this new hazy New-England-style pale ale collaboration with Breakside Brewery. Other upcoming beers include a Brut IPA (collab with Allegory Brewing) and Darjeeling IPA (collab with Alameda Brewing).

Dirty Pretty will be one of the new featured breweries at The New School’s New Breweries and Cideries Showcase on Mon. June 11th at Bailey’s Taproom.

Now Dirty Pretty is making their official debut with the official 2018 Portland Beer Week beer, Dirty Pretty x Breakside’s “Call Me Hazy” pale ale and that beer will debut tonight at the Kickoff Party at the Oregon Zoo. Call Me Hazy will be found around town at participating beer week locations and is used in the official pizza ‘Bratlips’ by Hotlips Pizza and the beer on tap at all locations. Naturally look for it at Loyal Legion, Saraveza, Lombard House, Craft Pour House, Proper Pint, Produce Row, Horse Brass, Beer, Landmark Saloon, Foster Burger, and others.

Call Me Hazy Pale Ale description:

It’s Cloudy, like the city of Portland during most times of the year. Brewed to part the skies, or celebrate the overcast, this collaboration beer is sure to brighten your spirits during that most lovely time of year – June 7-17th when the town comes together to celebrate beer week.

Ben Edmunds of Breakside Brewery came over to brew with Carston Haney of Dirty Pretty on this collaboration beer fermented with the Imperial Organic Yeast’s Juicy strain. The yeast accentuates deep fruit notes and the hops pull off the aromas of citrus and tropical fruits that come together to make this Juice bomb.Fermented to a quaffable, easy drinking 5.4% abv and 15 IBU’s, perfect for PDX summers. The haze is achieved from wheat and flaked oats and a massive dry-hopping. Available now to participating Portland Beer Week locations!

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Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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