First Look at Von Ebert Brewing East at Glendoveer Golf Course

Monday, July 16th, Von Ebert Brewing opens its eastside location at the Glendoveer Golf Course in northeast Portland and we have an inside look at the space, the beers, and the menu. You may have not even heard about Von Ebert Brewing; it only opened this past March, but the experience runs deeper as the former Fat Head’s Brewing PDX where the brewing team won over many local fans. Now the company has rebranded as Von Ebert Brewing with more German and farmhouse styles and fewer Double IPAs (though hopheads won’t be disappointed, either).

Von Ebert Brewing East is almost unarguably an even cooler spot than the first location. After all, the entire food menu (much improved from the Fat Head’s days) has made it intact from the Pearl District to the Eastside, with the addition of a Glendoveer Burger at a cheaper price than the original pub. Yes, those outstanding wings (perhaps the best in Portland) are on the menu at Von Ebert East for the same price, but the house burger is only $10 at Glendoveer and many items off the pizza and appetizers are 25¢-50¢ cheaper. The Smoked Meat Sandos are $12.50 on the westside and $12 at Von Ebert East. Some of the best stuff, like the charcuterie and cheese boards and the wings, are the same price, but I am just glad to have them.

Von Ebert East Cheese Board $16 – Purple Haze, Manchego, Bellavitano Gold, Bay Bleu, Ewephoria, Face Rock Aged Cheddar

The beer list will be similar if not exactly the same as the NW pub. The eastside location will have its own small brewery headed up by former Commons head brewer Sean Burke, who will specialize in his favorite things–sour/wild mixed fermentation beers from coolships and foeders to crisp German-style lagers. Meanwhile, more hoppy and American-style beers will be brewed on the NW side and kegs will be traded for a nice selection of both at either pub, with a slight emphasis on Burke’s small batch stuff at the eastside pub. The brewery at Von Ebert East is still under construction, some 2-3 months behind the opening of the pub, but well underway. Meanwhile, you can still find plenty to choose from with around 38 taps to play with, 20-ish of which will be Von Ebert beer and the rest guest taps of beer, wine, cider, and two gluten-free beers. The mug club, called the “Stein Society,” is also at this location; for just $50 a year you get a larger 20oz mug to drink out of and $1 off beers, plus you get a shirt and there is a member party each year. I am especially liking that they fill 16oz cans rather than 32oz crowlers. This may ostensibly be for the golfers, but for someone like me who doesn’t necessarily want 32oz of the same beer, this is great. Depending on the beer, they are $4-$5 to go.

The decor and ambiance of the east location is the biggest change, and the only one I can see personal preference coming into play on. While the NW pub is modern and open, with high ceilings and newly renovated everything, the eastside location feels like a 70s throwback. The dining area and bar is pure old school prime rib joint, with old dark stained wood beams and a center fireplace and hood. Everything is dark woodsy brown and with vintage diner booths and historic photography on display. You can saddle up to the bar and feel a bit like you are at a ski lodge or an old 70s Hollywood haunt, complete with cocktails and cigars (strictly for off premises and golfers). Like the main Von Ebert, there are also a good amount of TVs, placed on each side of the taplist above the bar, on corners and a large one against the wall of the dining area. You won’t miss a game here.

Von Ebert East front patio that leads out to the golf course

Von Ebert East back patio next to the golf club retail

Perhaps the best aspect of Von Ebert East is the two separate outdoor patios. One of the patios is covered with heaters and uncovered grassy areas with cornhole that stretches out into the beginning of the golf course. On the backside of the building there is another smaller patio between the golf club house and the pub with a handful of tables with their own gas fires for each. Since Von Ebert East is in a city park and not directly next to any residences, the patio can stay open late till closing at 11pm to 12am and yes, it is family/all-ages all the way up til closing.

Von Ebert Brewing East
14021 NE Glisan Street (2.93 mi)
Portland, Oregon


Mon – Thurs 11am – 11pm

Fri – Sat 11am – 12am

Sun 11am – 10pm

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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  • T. Davis
    T. Davis
    Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:50 PM

    Too bad we didn’t order what you suggested… Customer Service was excellent but the food, sub par. We ordered spinach salad $14, 90% spinach, very little goat cheese, very very little. Few walnuts and some sliced red onion. Three sad little cherry tomatoes. Real bacon bits were decent quantity but served on a metal tray depective of prison food…
    Steak Bites $14, good about of meat but chewy, tasteless (took over 1/2 home for dogs).
    Grilled cheese $12, honestly, where was cheese? Like a slice on 1″ thick bread slices… but kale with sundried tomatoes nice touch. Not sure there was any pesto on it.
    Was friends birthday outing, her choice, so didn’t want to complain but really disappointing.