Alameda Brewing Pub Is Closing, Production Brewery For Sale

One of Portland’s older 20+ year-old brewpubs, Alameda Brewing on NE Fremont, is closing, with its last day of business on November 3rd. What has not been reported is that more than the pub is closing down; insiders tell me that the production brewery that brews all of the company’s packaged beer( including 12oz cans) is also up for sale. Why the sudden closure? [Update: a YouTube video advertising the sale of the production brewery confirms the latter news.]

In 2015 Alameda owner Matt Schumacher brought on a new major investor, Keytra Bafford, who took a significant portion of the company ownership. This helped lead to the brewery upping production, adding 12oz cans, and continuing a pretty wide distribution net, even while local sales were declining. Unhappy with its local beer distributor, General Distributors Inc., aka GDI, Schumacher successfully made the rare transition to Columbia Distributing, only to see Columbia purchase GDI in January. It’s pure speculation, though, that Columbia may have overlooked the small and no longer trendy Alameda Brewing in its pricebook.

The final nail in the coffin, according to sources, was that Keytra Bafford wanted out, and quickly. Without that financial backing, Alameda Brewing is forced to close the pub, and this likely means the end of the entire brand. Rumors are the asking price is $1.1 million dollars for the production facility and $1.5 million for the pub. I reached out to owner Matt Schumacher, for details and he replied that he would not discuss anything until after the 3rd of November.

Alameda Brewing is offering $5 growler fills at the pub until it closes. 4756 NE Fremont.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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