MoreBeer, Brewing Network and Melvin Brewing Announce The Boil Rumble Homebrew Contest

Melvin Brewing, MoreBeer! and Brewing Network just launched The Boil Rumble, a homebrew contest in which your beer could get national distribution.

What is your club’s favorite beer? Want to see it on your local shelves? Of course you do! That’s the dream, and Melvin is here to make it happen–with the Boil Rumble.

More from a press release:

“The Boil Rumble is taking us back to our roots and with this campaign, we are paying homage to the creativity and innovation that the homebrewers bring to the brewing industry,” says Jeremy Tofte, founder of Melvin Brewing. “Homebrewers all have one thing in common, a shared love of adventure and fun. We want to team up with them and go on a fun adventure in 2019.”

The contest is open to the first 200 homebrew clubs to enter (go HERE now). Through a best-of show judging process, Melvin & Morebeer! judges will narrow the field to six, who will have the chance to brew their winning batch at Melvin Brewing. This batch will be released in draft and cans in your home market in 2019. All six finalist clubs will then go head-to-head at Homebrew Con in June 2019, with the overall winner being announced at the Brewing Network party Saturday night. The winning club will receive a MoreBeer! Brewsculpture, get their beer released in cans nationally and be part of a Brewing Network podcast highlighting their winning beer. 10 of your club members will also get free entry to the Great American Beer Festival and pour at the Melvin booth.

Pick your chin off the floor, rally your troops, and enter NOW! The deadline to enter this contest is January 31. This is what dreams are made of.

“The Brewing Network could not be more excited to partner with Melvin Brewing and MoreBeer to give back to the homebrewing community that has supported us for so long. We simply can’t wait to bring the best homebrew in America to the masses and give one lucky club a shot at primetime with national distribution of their finest brew!” says Justin Crossely, founder of The Brewing Network.

“Most homebrewers dream of having a brewery, big distribution and all that,” adds Chris Graham, President of MoreBeer. “This a way to live the dream without everything else associated with opening a brewery. There’s no other contest out there like this!”

With YOU involved, it’s guaranteed to be tasty!
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About Melvin Brewing
Melvin Brewing, born in 2009, in the heart of Jackson Wyoming. The Melvin Brewing team was
on a quest to produce the biggest and baddest West-Coast Style IPAs. Like, true chemists, they
experimented on a 30-gallon, then three-barrel brew house system, and developed the awardwinning Melvin IPA and 2×4 Imperial IPA. Today, Melvin Brewing has a full-scale brewing facility
in Alpine, WY, a brewpub in Bellingham, WA, and astoundingly, more than 40 mouthwatering
beer recipes to its name, including a range of hoppy beers and other styles such as ChChChCherry Bomb (Fruit Beer), Killer Bees (Honey Ale), Ruckus (Imperial Stout) and Heyzeus (Mexican Lager). If your beer is not madness, it’s not beer. For the low down on the madness, visit

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