Saraveza Bottleshop & Pasty Tavern Has Been Sold to Roscoe’s

Jeremy Lewis of Roscoe’s (left) with Sarah Pederson, founder of Saraveza

Saraveza Bottleshop & Pasty Tavern, one of Portland’s great beer bars, has been sold to another one of the city’s greats, Roscoe’s. Pending approval of Oregon Liquor Control Commission paperwork, Roscoe’s owners Jeremy Lewis and Quyen Ly will become the new owners of Saraveza in the coming weeks. But fear not, Saraveza fans, the bar will remain the same.

While Saraveza is known for its Midwest-Wisconsin flavor, home to fried cheese curds, wall to wall vintage beer paraphernalia and Packers games, Roscoe’s is a dimly lit beer hall hidden under the auspices of a local dive bar. Saraveza serves pasties, smoked meats, mashed potatoes, and other down home hearty comfort food, and Roscoe’s specializes in southern Cajun food, cornbread, beans, rice, fried fish, and chicken. Both spots are among the city’s best beer bars, home to incredible rotating taplists, regular beer events, and yet still both primarily locals bars. So, I prefer to think of this as a superhero style mash-up of super friends, rather than the ending of something great.

Saraveza’s sole proprietor, Sarah Pederson, has chosen to focus on family. “I love Saraveza, it’s my first baby. I’m honored to pass Saraveza on to two people who understand its mission and that the Portland beer community believes in,” said Pederson. “Since opening Saraveza, I’ve had two kids. It’s time for me to focus on my family and sit on the other side of the bar.”

Lewis and Ly have no plans of altering Saraveza. The vintage coolers, the cheese curds, the annual festivals, and Packer games will remain. “We’re excited to step in and continue the momentum that Sarah has put in place. We love Saraveza and everything that Sarah and the crew have done to promote great craft beer and breweries. Our goal is to keep supporting and educating everyone on good beer and solid food in a hospitable environment for the neighborhood, beer community, and tourists.”

“Saraveza has always focused on the integrity behind the beer and the industry. I believe Jeremy and Quyen are well aligned with these values and won’t miss a beat,” says Pederson, adding, “I look forward to being a regular at someone else’s bar.”

Saraveza’s event and brunch space, Bad Habit Room, will also be acquired by the pair.

In addition to Roscoe’s, Lewis and Ly own Miyamoto Sushi (422 SE 81st St, Portland, OR) and German beer dive bar Steinhaus (2366 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR).

It is expected that ownership transition should be completed by end of March 2019.  


SARAVEZA (formerly known as Saraveza Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern)

1004 N. Killingsworth St., Portland, OR  97217



8105 SE Stark St., Portland, OR 97215


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