Central Oregon Beer Week and COHO Homebrewers Team-UP for Pro-Am Homebrew Competition

Central Oregon Beer Week (COBW) and the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization (COHO) are teaming up for the COBW Pro-Am Homebrew Competition with beers to be served in May.

More from a press release:

Imagine getting to brew your very own homebrew recipe on a local brewery’s commercial system and your beer being served at locations around town! How cool would it be for your family, friends and fellow homebrewers to see your beer and your name on the beer list? Well, now you have the opportunity!

This competition is open to any homebrewer age 21 or older and is not limited to any particular category or style of beer, within the below guidelines. The beers will not be judged to a specific BJCP style and can be a creative expression of the brewer’s intent, however consideration must be made to timing (there will be at most about 6 weeks of time between brewing and serving) and to the capabilities of the commercial breweries to brew the winning beers.

  • As there is a limited amount of brewing and conditioning time, maximum alcohol by volume (ABV) must be 8.5% and no wood- or barrel-aging styles will be allowed.

  • Similarly, only ale styles will be accepted, no lagers.

  • No extreme or exotic ingredients can be used, particularly if they would be prohibitively expensive to the host brewery. This would apply to fruits, spices, vegetables, unusual malts, and so on. If there are any questions, please contact COHO.

  • In general brewers can use whatever yeast variety, but be aware that a commercial brewery may be limited in what yeast it can use.

For full details and rules, please visit the COHO page at http://www.cohomebrewers.org/cobw-2019-pro-am-competition/.

The deadline for beer entries is Saturday, April 6, and beers must be delivered to The Brew Shop in Bend by that time. Judging will be held in April by a panel of judges from the Central Oregon Brewers Guild and COHO, and participating breweries will choose which homebrewer’s winning beer they will brew. These winning beers will be brewed in April to be served at a special Beer Week event in May (date and location TBD).

About Central Oregon Beer Week

Central Oregon Beer week is annual celebration of local craft beer that takes place in May leading up to Memorial Day. Hosted and organized by the Central Oregon Brewers Guild, COBW takes place over 10 days and features a variety of beer-related events and education.

About COHO

Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization was founded in 2005 in Bend as a means for homebrew enthusiasts to educate themselves and others about brewing beer, wine, and other fermentable beverages. The goal of the club is to associate ourselves with like minded individuals that have a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for an enjoyable time. The club is open to the public, and anyone with an interest is encouraged to participate. Visit http://www.cohomebrewers.org/ for more information.

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