First Look Inside Reuben’s Brews New BrewTap Location

This weekend will see Reuben’s Brews officially open the doors to its newest location. Christened “The Brewtap” and located on the corner of Northwest 46th Street and 8th Avenue, this will mark the brewery’s third expansion since opening the original location in the heart of the beer-centric neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle in 2012.

Formerly an aerospace production facility and boasting 11,000 square feet, Reuben’s has settled into the new building with grace. Or, at least as much grace as it could when forced to use 24 tons of rebar and two feet of concrete to secure the flooring, being that Ballard is built on a former landfill. Regardless, the build-out was obviously methodical. The ceiling support beams were placed at varying levels in to order to fit additional tanks among the custom-built 30BBL system. This growth will come in handy for the brewery, which brewed 140 different beers in 2018.

“We really wanted people to be able to see and experience our new brewery,” explains Adam Robbins, who founded the brewery with his wife Grace. “We didn’t want it to be behind closed doors, unable to be seen to the public. We want our beers to be approachable, and so we wanted our production brewery to also be that way.” In doing so, beer drinkers have a glimpse into the brewhouse through a large window behind the bar, staring down a lane, flanked on either side by their new stainless steel fermenters. Through another window on the west side of the taproom, the controlled chaos of the canning line will also be on display.

Inside the taproom design reflects the same amount of thought. On the walls are commissioned artwork, including photographs of the brewery and the Robbins family. For seating, patrons will be able to relax with a beer on a series of high tops and benches made with reclaimed wood, made by the design group Splinter and Slag. The wood is reclaimed from the construction, which began in March of 2018. And it wouldn’t feel like Reuben’s without the addition of the table in the shape of their lower case “r” logo.

Fret not, the original taproom is not going anywhere. The new facility and taproom are meant to provide a sense of relief from the other locations. According to Adam, with twelve taps to pour from, The Brewtap will feature beers brewed on the new 30BBL system: every day multi-award winning favorites like their Crikey IPA and their signature Gose. The relief will see the other two locations, a 5BBL system and 15BBL system respectively, continue to brew more innovative and wide-ranging beer styles that Reuben’s has also become known for. With 25 taps at the first location, there is something for everyone, including a new cider from the latest venture named after Adam and Grace’s youngest son, Warren.

“The Taproom on 14th will continue to feature all our events. Want a break from an event we’re running [at the 14th Ave location] – come to The Brewtap [on 8th Ave],” Adam adds in regards to the crowded can and bottle releases.

Check out the Reuben’s Brewtap this Saturday, March 2nd at 3pm. In addition to pouring their popular brews, they’ll be giving guided tours of the new facility. Commemorative glassware will be given out to the first 250 patrons to walk through the door. Moving forward, The Brewtap will be open Thursday through Sunday, 2pm-9pm.

About Reuben’s Brews
Although only a month old at the time, our clever, thoughtful son, Reuben, came up with the idea of giving Adam a homebrewing kit for his birthday.  When Reuben and I took Adam to Bob’s (our friendly, neighborhood homebrew supply store) to pick up his kit, I was expecting to pick up a little tin of “beer mix” and a bucket to brew.  We were a bit surprised and overwhelmed by the seriousness of this beer-brewing business.  I thought, “Oh great, there’s more storage space gone once Adam gives up on this little hobby in a month’s time.”  Even though I rarely admit to being wrong now that we’re married, I couldn’t have been farther from the mark thinking that this would be an easily discarded hobby.  The first brewing system has been dwarfed by the upgraded and supersized brewhouse, and there has been no chance for the mash tun, brew kettle, or hot liquor tank to gather any dust!  Adam’s hobby turned into full-blown obsession, and in tribute to the little man who started it all, Reuben’s Brews was born!

Brandon Wiley
Brandon Wiley