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Ancestry Brewing to Open Hawthorne Blvd. Taproom in Portland

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Tualatin, Oregon-based Ancestry Brewing plans to open a Southeast Portland taproom on Hawthorne Boulevard in the coming months. Since opening its primary taproom and brewery in Tualatin in May 2016, Ancestry Brewing quickly followed-up with a Sellwood neighborhood taproom later that year while planning for a third location in St. Johns that never panned out.

Ancestry Brewing’s upcoming Hawthorne Blvd. pub will be a full restaurant, beer garden and coffee shop at 4380 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215 in the former Chapel Hill pub space. Anchoring the new building on the busy upper Hawthorne-area will bring the brewery more visibility than ever, and owner Jeremy Turner plans to take full advantage of it. With approximately 4,000 sq. feet to work with, a portion will be carved out for a coffee shop, open mornings, that will be available as an event space in the evenings. The pub area has a capacity of 145 people with another 39 in the coffee shop.


images from the former Chapel Hill pub

The pub will have 20+ taps and two cask engines for the traditional British-style ales that Ancestry Brewing keeps alive. Ancestry will sell a large selection of its bottles to-go, both fresh and vintage barrel-aged beers, but no liquor. The space has a large patio behind the building in a courtyard surrounded on two sides by the “L” shaped building.

Ancestry Brewing’s Hawthorne pub will start out as just a taproom, but may actually be home to some production in the future.

“Longer term we may target it to do barrel and sour specific work for a small portion of the premises,” says Jeremy Turner, owner of Ancestry Brewing. “That is just a possibility and will be determined by our need for a second production facility elsewhere.”


images from the former Chapel Hill pub

The Hawthorne Blvd. location of Ancestry Brewing will feature a full kitchen with a similar menu to their other locations aka classic pub americana like burgers, salads and wings.  Yes, it will be kid friendly but not so far as a play area. Ancestry hopes to open their new Hawthorne location by summer 2019.


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