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Central Oregon is seeing its fair share of new breweries open, and Bevel Craft Brewing in Bend is one of the latest, as well as one of The New School’s most anticipated new breweries of 2019. World champions in disc golf Valerie and Nate Doss decided to step back and take a break from the disc golf scene after more than a decade. Nate began homebrewing, and the pair threw some epic parties for their friends, who were loving Nate’s homebrews. They enjoyed it so much that they decided to open a brewery.

The grand opening celebration is set for Saturday, April 6th from 11am-10pm. It will feature brewery tours with Nate, live music and a DJ, three food trucks, and disc golf putting games for prizes. They will unveil the first of their annually rotating murals as well. Parking is ample (and unusual for breweries in Bend) and there is a LOT of outdoor space. It’s sure to be a great time.

Prior to the brewery opening, the Doss’ honed their skills at breweries in Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, and Oregon to get used to the production-style brewing process.

Photo courtesy Bevel Craft Brewing

The brewery is a 7-barrel system from Practical Fusion in Portland, with three 15-barrel SS Brewtech fermentors.

The taproom is disc golf-centric, from the lighting fixtures to the miniature disc golf basket to throw your coasters in. There are two large community tables, and a few two- and four-person tables. They have ample room outdoors, and were finishing an outdoor table with a gas fire feature in the middle. The brewery has a modern, industrial feel to it with steel and real wood furniture. Bevel Craft Brewing is located in what is known as the 9th Street Village on the South East side of town. 9th Street Village also houses the DIY Cave, a skate shop, and an Artist Gallery.  

I went to Bevel during their soft opening and was able to speak with owner/marketer Valerie Doss. Valerie explained the anatomy of a disc to me. She explained that the creation of the beveled edge of the disc is what sets a disc apart from a frisbee. The beveled edge allows it to go farther and be more accurate.  

Bevel Craft Brewing’s tasting room. Photo by Heidi Howard

We ordered our beer from the General Manager/Assistant Brewer/Resident Beard Guy at the bar, Justin Celmer. I ordered a taster tray with 5 beers. The 5 beers were provided in a frisbee. Super fun, but slightly awkward because once it was placed on the table, it was a bit difficult to pick it up again, should you want to turn it around. A handle in the middle, or a couple of “hand holes” on the side would make it a little bit easier to manage.

I asked Valerie if they had a special beer style, and she said “hops.” She and her husband Nathan are hop fans, and it shows in their beers. The hops are truly the stars in each of the beers I tried. The first was Funday Session IPA. At 4.4% abv, I was not expecting anything too exciting but was pleasantly surprised.  The aroma was floral, bright and vibrant. Funday has a nice light mouthfeel, but the complexity was fantastic. The hop flavors came through wonderfully and are balanced by the malts, and the underlying bitterness of the hops was very pleasant. Balance is obviously the name of the game at Bevel because each of the beers I tried were well balanced.

Next up was Hop Tour Series – Mosaic. Bevel describes the beer as a “single-hop juicy IPA.”  The Mosaic hop is perfectly tropical with an ABV of 6.2%. I love that they used a single hop for this beer, as the Mosaic, when used right, is a show stopper. Believe me when I say that Bevel did it right. Again, their malt additions add an elegance to this beer that reminds you what an outstanding IPA should taste like.  

Next on the board was the First Run IPA, at 6.8% abv. Like the beers that came before it, this is a complex, sophisticated, and balanced beer. This is also the first beer they brewed on their new system.  First Run is piney with resin, but the resin is cut with an amazing citrus hop, finishing bright and refreshing.

Tree Love IRA was #4 on the board. Tree Love has the most beautiful aroma, both malty and hoppy. It’s moderately strong at 6.1% abv, and the flavor is bold and rich with malt and a layer of bitterness to cut through the sweetness.

Photo courtesy Bevel Craft Brewing

Last was the Black Ace CDA (7.6% ABV). Little did I know I was saving the best for last. It is quite literally the best CDA I’ve ever drank. How they balanced out those malts and hops, while eliminating the harsh finish a CDA normally has is mind blowing. The aroma makes you think of a freshly crushed hop, but with an underlying maltiness that readies you for that first taste. The roast is forward, and the mouthfeel is velvety and creamy. Then the finish follows with the richness of dark chocolate and an ever so slight bitterness balances out the beer perfectly. So much so, that I came back a couple days later for a full pint. This beer is epic. A must have if you like CDAs (and even if you don’t). Nathan Doss’ brews are sophisticated and complex in both the aroma and flavor.  Bevel is starting off strong out of the gate, and I foresee great things from them in the future.

Bevel Craft Brewing
911 SE Armour St.
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 972-3835

Sunday-Thursday 11AM – 9PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM – 10PM
Minors allowed until 9pm

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