New Beer Book on ‘Simple Homebrewing: Great Beer, Less Work, More Fun’

Brewers Publications® , has a new book called Simple Homebrewing: Great Beer, Less Work, More Fun that sounds a lot like the seminal Joy of Homebrewing. This new tome is by writers and acclaimed homebrewers Drew Beechum and Denny Conn and looks like a great way to make getting into the hobby easy.

More from a press release:

American Homebrewers Association research points to homebrewing moving from a lifestyle to an activity. This leaves many brewers looking for ways to lessen the work and time it takes to brew at home, and simplifying the approach may bring new hobbyists into the world of brewing. Homebrew luminaries Drew Beechum and Denny Conn have long espoused their philosophy to brew the best possible beer with less work while having the most fun. So this seems like a match to me!

Simple Homebrewing reduces complicated steps for making beer and returns brewing to the fundamentals. The authors guide the reader from brewing extract to all-grain batches, discuss recipe design, small-batch brewing, and even share ideas on how to make technology work for brewers. Tips, tricks, and hacks to save time and work will help brewers join or get back to the fun of making great beer! Simple Homebrewing features fun and expert advice for brewers of all levels.

Simple Homebrewing looks to be a great intro to the hobby and a great gift for anyone interested in brewing their own.

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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