Spring releases from Breakside Brewery & Milwaukie Taproom Upgrade

Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon-based Breakside Brewery has announced a series of new and returning Spring and Summer beer releases. Breakside is celebrating their new year-round 12oz bottle release of True Gold, the end of the run on Tall Guy IPA and the return of Rainbows & Unicorns.

True Gold is a sessionable golden ale with some funky and tropical hops but very low bitterness. Like the light bodied refreshment of a lager but the full bodied quality of an ale.

Seasonal Tall Guy IPA is reaching the end of it’s run, it will be replaced by the popular Passionfruit Sour for early summer.

Breakside’s draft-only Lager Series is on it’s 4th release, a Dortmunder-style golden Export Lager that is available now. The fifth release, is a Vienna-style Lager called The Coldest Beer in Town and will drop at the end of May.

In Breakside’s rotating IPA series, the popular sessionable Rainbows & Unicorns IPA will be back in bottles and draft. Rainbows & Unicorns showcases the popular and hard to get Galaxy and El Dorado hops. Galaxy peach, apricot and tropical hop flavor while El Dorado brings pineapple and dank notes. R & U is like a cross between a new school juicy IPA and old school west coast Pale Ale.
This list of draft and package offerings are available through Maletis Beverage (greater Portland metro region), availability may vary for other regions of Oregon. If you have any questions, please reach out.


     True Gold – 5.1% 17 IBU – Smoothness, drinkability, approachability, just a kiss of hop flavor that’s tropical and enticing, virtually no bitterness. It’s an everyday kind of beer that’s just incredibly pleasant all around. Contemporary in its very light hop flavor – lager-like, but without the prominent maltiness or bitterness of a classic German lager – 50L draft, 12oz 6-PACKS!!
     Tall Guy IPA – 6.8% 58 IBU – Originally designed by one of our cellarmen as a homebrew recipe, Tall Guy IPA is an ode to the Citra hop. Citra is one of our absolute favorite varietals to use: it has soft, tropical notes, clean orange, a touch of juicy fruit, and a hard-to-pin-down quality that reminds many of our brewers of fruity pebbles. This beer is also a showcase of the 2018 Hop Harvest. Every fall our brewers travel to Yakima to select specific lots of hops for the upcoming brew year; we seek out lots that really showcase the hop’s maximum flavor and aroma, but it is hard to know how each hop varietal will ultimately perform in the brewery. After selection is complete, we have to wait 3-4 months before we can actually start brewing with these hops, and we are eager to see the full range and intensity of the Citra hops we selected for 2019 – 50L draft & 22oz package

     Jaromir Lager – 6.2% 63 IBU – A classic pale Czech lager, but don’t call it a Pilsner! There is only one “Pilsen” beer in Czechia, and this is not it. We’ve taken some cues from the idiosyncratic brewers of Bohemia, including the use of multiple decoctions, heirloom malts, and first wort hop additions to make a lager that harkens to the old world. We hope you enjoy this beautiful golden lager with its rich malt flavor & beguiling hop backbone – 50L draft

     BUCKWHAT?! Schwarzbier – 5.4% 26 IBU – we love the nutty and rye-like notes that buckwheat can add to pancakes, teas, and noodles, and thought it would play beautifully with the nuanced malt flavors of a dark lager. For this beer, we added toasted buckwheat – the groats comprised close to 17% of the grist–to impart its unique flavor. What does buckwheat taste like? You’ll find notes of rose, nuts, toast, grass, green tea, and a slight earthy bitterness. This is a fantastic beer for pairing with food, especially the vegetables that start to arrive in late winter and early spring –  50L draft  

     Export Lager – 5.7% 32 IBU – our take on the pale lagers from Dortmund that were once the most popular style of beer brewed in Germany. Dortmund-style lagers combine the malt richness of a Munich Helles with the hop bitterness of a Pilsner; these beers were historically brewed for sale abroad so they were built sturdier at a higher alcohol level than most other ‘light’ German beers. And while people’s eyes glaze over when you talk about water chemistry, know that the notoriously carbonate-heavy water from Dortmund gave these beers a distinctive minerality and roundness, which we try to emulate in our version. We think that a robust pale lager is well suited to the wet, deceptive springs that we experience in the Northwest, and we hope you enjoy this underrated style of classic German beer! –  50L draft


     Rainbows & Unicorns IPA – 5.1% 30 IBU –  This beer showcases two of our favorite hop varieties Galaxy & El Dorado. Galaxy provides juicy notes that are reminiscent of peach & apricot; El Dorado is pure pineapple juice with some underlying lime zest. We back these up with a healthy dose of Comet hops, which is heritage hop varietal, overlooked for many years and now gaining popularity again due to its intense stonefruit and citrus character. This beer toes the line between the juicier & sweeter style of hazy IPAs and more classic West Coast hoppy pales. We admire the clean pure hop flavors of many hazies and we’ve massaged this beer with just enough Northwest edge to make it our own – 50L draft & 22oz package

     “Grandmammy/Grandpappy” Maple-BBA Salted Caramel Stout – 9% 33 IBU – Grandmammy is the barrel-aged version of our popular winter seasonal Salted Caramel Stout. This vintage release has been sitting for over a year in Van Winkle wheated Bourbon barrels that were also used to house Bissell Maple Farm maple syrup. We think you will see that it has been worth the wait. Big notes of brown spices, earth, dark fruit, and char mix on the spirit-forward nose; they are followed by rich flavors of vanilla and caramel on the mid-palate, a luscious mouthfeel, and a hint of salt in the finish.Grandpappy is a special variant  inspired by whiskey-sauced bread pudding. This release has also been sitting for over a year in Van Winkle wheated Maple Bourbon barrels. Aromas of toffee, caramel, and baking spice give way to flavors reminiscent of charred oak, sun-dried grapes, and chocolate-covered citrus – limited 12 oz bottles

Breakside Milwaukie Taproom

New Milwaukie Taproom!
 Our Milwaukie production facility footprint is growing. We’re currently building out what will be our new and improved taproom. Stay tuned for more details and pictures! Expect to open early June 2019. 

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