2019 New Oregon Breweries Showcase at Bailey’s Taproom announces Lineup

The New School is honored to present the annual 2019 edition of the New Oregon Breweries Showcase at Bailey’s Taproom this coming Monday, June 10th.

As part of Portland Beer Week, we put together this showcase of new breweries (and one cidery) from across the state with many brewers traveling for this event to pour their brands in Portland for the first time. The goal here is to give new breweries a space to shine, many of which have opened with less fanfare in small towns that we dont visit often. To that goal, each of them brings two beers or ciders to have on tap for the full day and brewers and owners will join the event for the social hours of 5-8pm. There is no tickets, no cover charge, no special glassware, just show up and order which beers you would like to try by the taster, glass or pint.

This years lineup of breweries/cidery and what they are pouring is posted below:

Beachcrest Brewing – Gleneden Beach, OR

The Oregon coast gets another new brewery, this time in the quiet town of Gleden just south of Lincoln City. Beachcrest features clean, clear branding and clear identity in an area where not many options exist.

Siletz Bay Hazy IPA –This Hazy IPA doesn’t have the crushing bitterness of a traditional West Coast IPA but instead has all the floral, fruity and tropical notes of our northwest hops and drinks like a refreshing glass of hop juice. Just like the oftentimes-hazy Siletz Bay that our brewery borders, it’s an Oregon Coast classic. 6.9% ABV 55 IBU

Raspberry Trio Tripel – We took our Trio Tripel and aged it on raspberries to make something truly special.  It’s a little tart, a little sweet, refreshing and strong, complicated and yet approachable.  A taste of springtime for your tastebuds. 10% ABV 33 IBU

Spider City Brewing – Bend, OR

a new female-owned startup operation that already opened with an impressive production brewery and taproom.

Pavuchky Polish Wheat – A Polish style wheat, lightly hopped. Clean, refreshing, drinkable beer perfect for summer or an every day drinker. ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 3.4 | IBU: 27

Deer Garden Hazy IPA –Dry style hazy IPA with undertones of citrus and spice and highly aromatic.  A deliciously drinkable IPA. ABV: 6.6 | SRM: 3.9 |IBU: 34

Porter Brewing Co. – Redmond, OR

Just outside of Bend, a big beer scene is growing in Redmond and Porter Brewing is among those leading the way. What sets this small brewery and taproom apart is their focus on cask conditioned real ales, brewed with traditional methods but not necessarily traditional ingredients or styles. Porter Brewing is bringing a beer to pour via cask and another live firkin gravity poured keg for tapping on the bar.

Infamous ESB (firkin) – Balanced malt and hop. Richly flavored with mild fruity esters. 6.0% ABV, 39 IBU

Irish REDmond Ale (firkin) – Easy drinking, malt-forward. Hints of toffee. 6.0% ABV, 26 IBU

Bevel Craft Brewing – Bend, OR

A pair of successful disc golf champions settled down in Bend, OR to open this new brewery and taproom with a focus on hoppy ales.

Black Ace CDA –This medium-bodied Cascadian Dark Ale boasts hints of dark chocolate and roasted maltiness that finishes with a big, earthy hop profile. 7.6% ABV.

Disclandia IPA – Not only is Portland one of the best beer cities, it also boasts some of the world’s best disc golf courses. Disclandia IPA brings you to a fantasy land that revolves around all flying disc sports! Hopped up with Comet and Azacca hops this American IPA showcases hints of grapefruit and tropical notes. 6.8% ABV.

Freehand Brewery – Eugene, OR

A nano Belgian and farmhouse-style brewery that focuses on clean and refined ales with authentic flavor profiles that won’t hit you over the head. So far Freehand has won fans for their dry classic Belgian-styles and their balanced and accomplished wild/sour beers available primarily in caged and corked bottles in specialty shops.

Mods –Barrel aged semi-sour blonde.  Brewed with Skagit Valley malts, and aged in Pinot Gris and barrels with our favorite mixed culture. 8.2% ABV.

de Blanc –White IPA.  Brewed with Skagit Valley malts, fermented with a Nordic farmhouse yeast, and copiously hopped with Goschie Farms Cascade hops.  8.1% ABV.

Son of Man Cider Co. – Cascade Locks, OR

A Spanish-style Basque cidery in Oregon’s gorge region is making waves for their authentic, bright, tart and funky hard ciders. Aged in foeders, made with authentic apple varieties and naturaly fermented and conditioned with native yeasts.

2018 Sagardo –a blend of 27 varieties of apples spontaneously fermented with wild yeast. It is unfiltered and unfined – no sulphur added. We practice weekly batonnage to integrate the fine lees into solution. The cider is a blend of all 3 stainless tanks and our Foeder fermented/aged cider. It is bright and fresh, with aromas of unripe pineapple, some estery banana and green apple. It has a soft astringency and a hint of VA. The limited carbonation is a result of capping our fermenters (brite tanks) right before primary ferment is complete to capture the last bit of CO2 production. The ciders are all fermented dry and all go through malolactic fermentation.

2018 Sagardo Kupela (basque for Foeder) –This is also a blend of 27 varieties and all 4 tanks. However, ~80% of the cider went through primary ferment in the foeder, while the remaining 20% was blended in from the stainless tanks after primary ferment and has been aging 6 months on fine lees in the foeder. To mitigate the potentially overpowering flavors of wood, we worked with Foeder Crafters to steam the foeder for 48+ hours to draw out the most intense vanilla and caramel flavors. The cider is muskier, with strong tannins from the oak.

Threshold Brewing & Blending’s new taproom

Threshold Brewing & Blending – Portland, OR

A southeast Portland, Montavilla-neighborhood startup with a 10bbl brewhouse and a focus on new school hazy IPA’s and farmhouse ales. Threshold Brewing plans an advanced barrel-aging program with more strong and wild/sour beers in the future.

Best Laid Plans – NE Style IIPA double dry-hopped with Galaxy hops | 8%

Jens & Brett –light farmhouse ale aged in a Merlot barrel for 4 months with brettanomyces. | 5.5%

Bright and cheery inside Boss Rambler Beer Club. Photo by Heidi Howard

Boss Rambler Beer Club – Bend, OR

A recently opened new taproom in Bend showcases clean, stylish looks from this hip new brand founded by two Crux Fermentation alumni. Boss Rambler is already canning their beers and turning some heads.

Laga Fresca – Tropical Lager with Mango & Pineapple. 4.1% ABV: Inspired by the many agua fresca’s we’ve enjoyed while traveling Mexico, this easy drinking lager was made using pineapple and mango puree to create the ultimate summer crusher.

Hazy IPA (name TBD) – Triple Dry-Hopped IPA w/ Citra and El Dorado I 7.5% ABV

Super Brewing Co. – Portland, OR

A new nano startup that focuses strictly on lagers with a clean, simple lifestyle-branding and plans for beer in cans and a future tasting room.

Pilsener – Czech Premium Pale Lager. Solid bitterness, biscuit-like presence, Noble hop character with a bright finish. ABV: 5.1% IBU: 33

Helles Lager – Munich Helles Lager. Smooth bitterness, malt presence, German hop characters with a slightly sweet finish. ABV: 5.0% IBU: 19

Weekend Beer Co. – Grants Pass, OR

A new brewery in Southern Oregon. Weekend Beer Co. is a veteran and brewer owned and operated by two couples in Grants Pass, OR, Brandon and Ashley Crews and Kelsey and Troy Yoho. Brandon, Ashley, and Kelsey are all Grants Pass natives. Troy is from Texas and met Kelsey at West Point and they served 10 years in the Army before moving back to Grants Pass. Brandon and Ashley lived in the Portland area for over 10 years after high school, where Brandon started his brewing career at Rock Bottom.

Weekend IPA – 6.5%, 65 IBU.Northwest style IPA with big citrus, tropical fruit aroma and flavor with a crisp easy bitterness.  Munich malt and a touch of crystal provide a solid malt backbone making for a well balanced beer.

Belgian Wit – 5.3 %, 14 IBU.Straw colored with a soft, sweet malt flavor.  Coriander, orange peel, and ginger add subtle spice and citrus flavors and aromas.  Full flavored and easy drinking, a perfect beer for the summer months.

West Coast Grocery Company – Portland, OR

Opened in late 2018, West Coast Grocery quickly got out of the gates with a nicer than most taproom and brewhouse and buzz worthy brews. After winning a medal at the Oregon Beer Awards in the fresh hop category, and replacing their head brewer, West Coast Grocery is paving a new path with a veteran of Bridgeport Brewing behind the kettle.

Berliner Weisse – Using Pilsner malt with 35% wheat and then adding Lactic acid in the kettle. This process creates a low alcohol and refreshingly tart beer great for summer days. Lightly hopped for low bitterness. Pale in color and slightly cloudy. This is a brewed that can stand alone or be served with a Raspberry or traditional Woodfruff syrup. 4.0% IBU: 12

Peck Chillzner Bohemian Pils – Brewed with 100% Czech pilsner malt from Prostejov Czech Republic for a traditional Bohemian style Pilzen. The Czech malt has a bit more flavor of fresh dough than its Bavarian cousin. German Saphir hops balance the malt with notes of spice and fruity overtones. ABV: 4.5% IBU: 18

New Oregon Breweries Showcase

Mon. June 10th, Meet-the-Brewers from 5-8pm @ Bailey’s Taproom

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