Brew Cities Utrecht – Portland Photography Exhibit

foto’s Portland 2015 foto’s utrecht 2016

Portland has a sister city relationship with Utrecht in the Netherlands that has led to many collaborations and international visits and tappings. The Oregon Brewers Festival, for a number of years, brought brewers from the Netherlands to PDX and showcased their beers. In 2015, Ron Hendriks was awarded a photo assignment by the city of Utrecht to visualize the similarities between Portland and Utrecht. The project has come to fruition in an exhibition on display at the 2019 Oregon Brewers Festival. The photos will also be shown at the Utrecht Bier Festival in 2020.

More about this photo exhibition from the artist himself, Ron Hendriks:

This collaboration between brewpubs in Portland and Utrecht inspired me to start this new project ‘Brew Cities Utrecht – Portland’. Also because I’m a homebrewer myself. In this photo-project I intend to showcase the brew cultures in both cities by visually documenting the breweries in both Portland and Utrecht. The result of this project is this photo-exhibition on display in Portland during the 2019 Oregon Brewers Festival. The photo’s will also be shown at the Utrecht Bier Festival in 2020. 

foto’s Portland 2015 foto’s utrecht 2016

In Portland the craft beer revolution started in the 80-ies. In Utrecht it is of a more recent development. Since 2010 breweries and beerpubs are popping up in Utrecht everywhere. Although it started much later, the development is going steeper and continues to follow trends worldwide and also starting new trends. Tasty non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers are growing in popularity. Following the global trends of a healthy and wise use of drinking.

It’s a time document and a starting point for more collaboration between the breweries in Utrecht and Portland. 

foto’s Portland 2015 foto’s utrecht 2016

It’s my ambition to bring the brewers and communities of Utrecht and Portland together. 

Participating breweries in Utrecht, Participating breweries in Portland, Oregon

The Netherlands: U.S.A.:

-1. Oproer -1. Cascade Brewing

-2. Maximus -2. Laurelwood Brewing

-3. Van de Streek -3. Stormbreaker Brewing

-4. De Leckere  -4. Ecliptic Brewing

-5. Kromme Haring -5. Hair of the Dog 

-6. Brew Boyz -6. Lompoc Brewing 

-7. House of Pint -7. Gigantic Brewing 

-8. Oudaen  -8. Widmer Brothers Brewing

-9. Jovius -9. Migration Brewing 

-10. Duits en Lauret 

-11. A Brewery

-12. Eleven Brewery 

-13. Hommeles 

A special thanks to the cities of Utrecht and Portland and Rindert Schutten from the Portland Utrecht Network.

foto’s Portland 2015 foto’s utrecht 2016

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