Hi Wheel Fizzy Wines Closing

Though it’s not beer, Hi-Wheel’s Fizzy Wines has made their product at home among the beer and cider in Portland, Oregon. It’s too bad, their product was very unique and tasty, if a bit sweet. Under the right capitalization and management, Hi Wheel’s product could have been a tastier competitor to hard seltzer.

Hi Wheel Fizzy Wine’s opened in 2014 and was one of the flagship brands under the new Running Man Distribution when they launched the same year. Hi-Wheel’s fruited, citrusy, tangy and sometimes spicy and inspired flavor combinations were popping up everywhere on tap and in bottles and their taproom in Woodlawn has been hopping. So what happened?

Owner Ken Bonnin Jr. tells us “We had a number of expansion plans and for a variety of reasons, each one fell through.”

Bonnin would not elaborate on why each fell through or why they wouldnt renew their lease or even contractually produce the brand. Simply saying “Our lease is up and so … we’re going to close up shop. We’ll be supplying our distributor with as much product through October.”

Funeral Party: Day of the Dead themed final farewell party for Hi-Wheel. Come and pay homage to all the endings in your life at the Hi-Wheel Funeral Party. Skeleton face painters, friends, live jazz and of course, plenty of fizzy wine. Hi-Wheel will be selling the remainder of their product off.

Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wines, 6719 NE 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97211

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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