Best of Craft Beer Awards 2020 Medal Winners Announced

The 2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards was held last weekend in Bend, Oregon. This year 96 judges sampled through 2,237 beers from 44 states, 5 countries and 375 different breweries that submitted entries.

170 winning breweries from 33 states took home medals for their exceptional beer in 2020. 262 medals awarded by carefully selected BJCP judges, vetted Brewers and guest judges from the craft beer industry.

Breakside Brewery and 10 Barrel Brewing each with nine medals total. 10 Barrel Brewing will likely claim Brewery of the Year though as they had a single location winning 7 medals with only 10 entries allowed per TTB licensed brewing location. Sunriver Brewing, Falling Sky Brewing, Evasion Brewing, Baerlic, Oregon City Brewing and Craft Brew Alliance raking in multiple medals.

pFriem Family Brewers won Gold for their Belgian Strong Dark, Gold for Oud Bruin and Gold for their Pilsner.

Von Ebert won two medals. Their Schwarzbier took silver in the German-style Schwarzbier category, while Obeisance won silver in the Specialty Saison category.

“It’s great to see this competition growing  every year and to see more breweries from out of state participating,” said Von Ebert Glendoveer brewmaster Sean Burke. “I think that really shows how much value well run compositions like the Best of Craft have to industry veterans and new comers alike.”

Oregon claimed the most medals of any state with 70.


GoldAmerican-Belgo-Style Ale or Belgian-Style Table Beer or Other Belgian-Style Ale18Reuben’s BrewsCitra WitAmerican-Belgo-Style AleSeattleWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Belgo-Style Ale or Belgian-Style Table Beer or Other Belgian-Style Ale18Evil CzechWhite ReaperAmerican-Belgo-Style AleMishawakaINUSA
BronzeAmerican-Belgo-Style Ale or Belgian-Style Table Beer or Other Belgian-Style Ale18Alibi Ale WorksDark SaisonOther Belgian-Style AleIncline VillageNVUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Amber / Red Ale43Barrel Mountain BrewingAsh Cloud AmberAmerican-Style Amber / Red AleBattle GroundWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Amber / Red Ale43Immersion BrewingCopper JacketedAmerican-Style Amber / Red AleBendORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Amber / Red Ale43Jolly Pumpkin Artisan AlesSirenAmerican-Style Amber / Red AleDexterMIUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Amber Lager9Headless Mumby Brewing CoNW Amber LagerAmerican-Style Amber LagerOlympiaWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Amber Lager9Migration BrewingAltered StateAmerican-Style Amber LagerPortlandORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Amber Lager9Liquid Mechanics BrewingMarzenAmerican-Style Amber LagerLafayetteCOUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Barley Wine Ale or Wheat Wine Ale or British-Style Barley Wine Ale19El Segundo Brewing Co.Old JettyAmerican-Style Barley Wine AleEl SegundoCAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Barley Wine Ale or Wheat Wine Ale or British-Style Barley Wine Ale19Morgan Territory BrewingOld DiabloBritish-Style Barley Wine AleTracyCAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Barley Wine Ale or Wheat Wine Ale or British-Style Barley Wine Ale19Elk Horn BreweryCulver Wheat WineAmerican-Style Wheat Wine AleEugeneORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Black Ale12Baerlic Brewing CompanyDark Thoughts Black IPAAmerican-Style Black AlePortlandORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Black Ale12Bevel Craft BrewingBlack AceAmerican-Style Black AleBendORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Black Ale12TT’s Old Iron BreweryNight Rider Black IPAAmerican-Style Black AleSpokane ValleyWAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Brown Ale16Drekker Brewing CompanyHell BentAmerican-Style Brown AleFargoNDUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Brown Ale16Main & Six Brewing CompanyHandsworth Brown AleAmerican-Style Brown AleJacksonvilleFLUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Brown Ale16Falling Sky BrewingUpside BrownAmerican-Style Brown AleEugeneORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Cream Ale24Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Beaver DecieverAmerican-Style Cream AleNachesWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Cream Ale24Jim Dandy BrewingTango YankeeAmerican-Style Cream AlePocatelloIDUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Cream Ale24Wallenpaupack Brewing CompanyPaupack Cream AleAmerican-Style Cream AleHawleyPAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Fruit Beer or Belgian-Style Fruit Beer30Motorworks BrewingPulp FrictionAmerican-Style Fruit BeerBradentonFLUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Fruit Beer or Belgian-Style Fruit Beer30Silver City BreweryFoxy LadyBelgian-Style Fruit BeerBremertonWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Fruit Beer or Belgian-Style Fruit Beer30Spilled Grain BrewhousePorch SwingAmerican-Style Fruit BeerAnnandaleMNUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Fruited Sour Ale51Oozlefinch Beers & BlendingDas Yummy Key Lime PieAmerican-Style Fruited Sour AleFort MonroeVAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Fruited Sour Ale51Streetside BreweryGlitter FreezeAmerican-Style Fruited Sour AleCincinnatiOHUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Fruited Sour Ale51Upland Brewing Co.RaspberryAmerican-Style Fruited Sour AleBloomingtonINUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale56Bonfire BrewingWtFO Double IPAAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale AleEagleCOUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale56El Segundo Brewing Co.Hammerland DIPAAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale AleEl SegundoCAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale56Danville Brewing CompanyChuxAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale AleDanvilleCAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Imperial Porter10Stoup BrewingImperial PorterAmerican-Style Imperial PorterSeattleWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Imperial Porter10Scratchtown Brewing Co.Black Eye – Imperial PorterAmerican-Style Imperial PorterOrdNEUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Imperial Porter10Liquid Mechanics BrewingImperial PorterAmerican-Style Imperial PorterLafayetteCOUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Imperial Stout44Fort George BreweryCavatica StoutAmerican-Style Imperial StoutAstoriaORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Imperial Stout44Chainline Brewing CompanyDark OlympusAmerican-Style Imperial StoutKirklandWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Imperial Stout44Hellbent Brewing CompanyFreaks Come Out at Night Imperial StoutAmerican-Style Imperial StoutSeattleWAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style India Pale Ale120Kulshan Brewing Co.HeliotropeAmerican-Style India Pale AleBellinghamWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style India Pale Ale1204 Hands Brewing CompanyIncarnation IPAAmerican-Style India Pale AleSt. LouisMOUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style India Pale Ale120Gilman Brewing CompanyQuarter Panel IPAAmerican-Style India Pale AleBerkeleyCAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Lager25Epidemic AlesLager At World’s EndAmerican-Style LagerConcordCAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Lager25Wren House Brewing CoValley BeerAmerican-Style LagerPhoenixAZUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Lager25Island Brewing CompanyTropical LagerAmerican-Style LagerCarpinteriaCAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Light Lager11River Rat BreweryLuminescent LagerAmerican-Style Light LagerColumbiaSCUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Light Lager11Danville Brewing CompanyLageradeAmerican-Style Light LagerDanvilleCAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Light Lager11Oregon City Brewing CoOC LiteAmerican-Style Light LagerOregon CityORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Pale Ale35Sunriver Brewing CompanyRippinAmerican-Style Pale AleSunriverORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Pale Ale35Grains of Wrath BrewingPapermaker PaleAmerican-Style Pale AleCamasWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Pale Ale35South Park BrewingSouth Park PaleAmerican-Style Pale AleSan DiegoCAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Pilsener12Main & Six Brewing CompanyWorking StiffAmerican-Style PilsenerJacksonvilleFLUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Pilsener12Commonhouse AleworksPublick PilsnerAmerican-Style PilsenerNorth CharlestonSCUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Pilsener12Gulf Stream Brewing CompanyLe BeerAmerican-Style PilsenerFort LauderdaleFLUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Sour Ale12Blue Owl BrewingSpirit AnimalAmerican-Style Sour AleAustinTXUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Sour Ale12Wolf Tree BreweryRake the ForestAmerican-Style Sour AleSeal RockORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Sour Ale12Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)WunderbarAmerican-Style Sour AlePortlandORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Stout25New Orleans Lager and Ale Brewing (NOLA Brewing)Irish Channel StoutAmerican-Style StoutNew OrleansLAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Stout25Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Gentlemens StoutAmerican-Style StoutNachesWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Stout25Top Rung Brewing CompanyMy Dog Scout StoutAmerican-Style StoutLaceyWAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Strong Pale Ale44Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)Breakside IPAAmerican-Style Strong Pale AlePortlandORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Strong Pale Ale44Reuben’s BrewsBits and BobsAmerican-Style Strong Pale AleSeattleWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Strong Pale Ale44Grains of Wrath BrewingE.G.A. IPAAmerican-Style Strong Pale AleCamasWAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Wheat Beer19KettleHouse Brewing CompanyHellgate Honey HefeAmerican-Style Wheat BeerBonnerMTUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Wheat Beer1910 BarrelTwheatAmerican-Style Wheat BeerBendORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Wheat Beer19Uinta Brewing CompanyGolden SpikeAmerican-Style Wheat BeerSalt Lake CityUTUSA
GoldAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager11Ex Novo Brewing–CorralesThe Most Interesting Lager in the WorldLatin American Light LagerCorralesNMUSA
SilverAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager11Hopfusion Ale WorksTejano LagerLatin American Light LagerFort WorthTXUSA
BronzeAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager11Quarter Celtic BrewpubPedro O’Flanagan’s Mexican LagerLatin American Light LagerAlbuquerqueNMUSA
GoldAustralian-Style Pale Ale or International-Style Pale Ale or Classic Australian-Style Pale Ale13Reuben’s BrewsTriumvirateAustralian-Style Pale AleSeattleWAUSA
SilverAustralian-Style Pale Ale or International-Style Pale Ale or Classic Australian-Style Pale Ale13Rock Bottom Brewery La JollaEnter the DanknessInternational-Style Pale AleLa JollaCAUSA
BronzeAustralian-Style Pale Ale or International-Style Pale Ale or Classic Australian-Style Pale Ale13Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)Rainbows & UnicornsAustralian-Style Pale AlePortlandORUSA
GoldBaltic-Style Porter12Big Ash BrewingPorters PorterBaltic-Style PorterCincinnatiOHUSA
SilverBaltic-Style Porter12Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueDarth MaltBaltic-Style PorterAlbuquerqueNMUSA
BronzeBaltic-Style Porter12Oregon City Brewing CoCrimea RiverBaltic-Style PorterOregon CityORUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale17Canal Park Brewing Co.Lone TrekkerBelgian-Style Blonde AleDuluthMNUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale17Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBPABelgian-Style Pale AleArcataCAUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale17Old Stove Brewing CompanyBelgian BlondeBelgian-Style Blonde AleSeattleWAUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel20pFriem Family BrewersBelgian Strong DarkBelgian-Style Dark Strong AleHood RiverORUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel20Four Day Ray BrewingMonk’s TearsBelgian-Style QuadrupelFishersINUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel20Sun King BreweryThe Flannel MistBelgian-Style QuadrupelIndianapolisINUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Dubbel9Taxman Brewing CompanyDeductionBelgian-Style DubbelBargersvilleINUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Dubbel9Monkless Belgian AlesDubbel or NothingBelgian-Style DubbelBendORUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Dubbel9Metazoa Brewing Co.Dalmatian DubbelBelgian-Style DubbelIndianapolisINUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale13pFriem Family BrewersOud BruinBelgian-Style Flanders Oud BruinHood RiverORUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale13Jolly Pumpkin Artisan AlesLa Roja Variant: Blackberry and RaspberryBelgian-Style Flanders Oud RedDexterMIUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale13Ex Novo Brewing CompanyFlanders style RedBelgian-Style Flanders Oud RedPortlandORUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Lambic or Fruit Lambic or Gueuze Lambic17Boneyard BeerGooze CruzeBelgian-Style Gueuze LambicBendORUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Lambic or Fruit Lambic or Gueuze Lambic17Carolina Bauernhaus AlesJune PrincessBelgian-Style Fruit LambicAndersonSCUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Lambic or Fruit Lambic or Gueuze Lambic17Alesong Brewing and BlendingFramboiseBelgian-Style Fruit LambicEugeneORUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale10Poseidon Brewing CompanyGold CoastBelgian-Style Pale Strong AleVenturaCAUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale10Old Bust Head Brewing CompanyBright Prospect Belgian Style Golden AleBelgian-Style Pale Strong AleVint HillVAUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale10The Tap BreweryNefarious NectarBelgian-Style Pale Strong AleBloomingtonINUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Tripel17Bitter Sisters Brewing CompanyFamily Trip Belgian TripelBelgian-Style TripelAddisonTXUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Tripel17Metazoa Brewing Co.Speedy, The 3-Legged CatBelgian-Style TripelIndianapolisINUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Tripel17LauderAlePieces of 8Belgian-Style TripelFt. LauderdaleFLUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Witbier194 Hands Brewing CompanyRippleBelgian-Style WitbierSt. LouisMOUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Witbier19Anthem BrewingArjunaBelgian-Style WitbierOklahoma CityOKUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Witbier19Flix Brewhouse – CarmelWitbierBelgian-Style WitbierCarmelINUSA
GoldBerliner-Style Weisse or Berliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added2210 BarrelBaywindowBerliner-Style WeisseBendORUSA
SilverBerliner-Style Weisse or Berliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added22Pryes Brewing CompanyRoyal Raspberry SourBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor AddedMinneapolisMNUSA
BronzeBerliner-Style Weisse or Berliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added22Ex Novo Brewing–CorralesCactus Wins the LotteryBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor AddedCorralesNMUSA
GoldBohemian-Style Pilsener23Microbrasserie Noire et BlancheWow Cool Est CzechBohemian-Style PilsenerSaint-EustacheQCCanada
SilverBohemian-Style Pilsener23Ex Novo Brewing–CorralesEasy Come, Easy GoBohemian-Style PilsenerCorralesNMUSA
BronzeBohemian-Style Pilsener23Wicked Barley Brewing CoCircle Up PilsnerBohemian-Style PilsenerJacksonvilleFLUSA
GoldBrett Beer15Alibi Ale WorksFarmhouse Reserve: PineappleBrett BeerIncline VillageNVUSA
SilverBrett Beer15Birds Fly South Ale ProjectC’Mon SunshineBrett BeerGreenvilleSCUSA
BronzeBrett Beer15Standard BrewingOld MoneyBrett BeerSeattleWAUSA
GoldBritish Bitters18Haywire Brewing CoCheeky BlokeExtra Special BitterSnohomishWAUSA
SilverBritish Bitters18Bombshell Beer CompanyLady In Red Amber AleExtra Special BitterHolly SpringsNCUSA
BronzeBritish Bitters18Golden Valley BreweryRed Thistle ESBExtra Special BitterMcMinnvilleORUSA
GoldBritish-Style Imperial Stout20Gella’s Diner & Liquid Bread Brewing Co.Roughneck Imperial StoutBritish-Style Imperial StoutHaysKSUSA
SilverBritish-Style Imperial Stout20The Tap BreweryKill the LightsBritish-Style Imperial StoutBloomingtonINUSA
BronzeBritish-Style Imperial Stout20Ordnance BrewingBlackfiskBritish-Style Imperial StoutBoardmanORUSA
GoldBrown Porter19Old Schoolhouse BreweryBig Valley BrownBrown PorterWinthropWAUSA
SilverBrown Porter19Three Creeks Brewing CompanyFivepine Chocolate PorterBrown PorterSistersORUSA
BronzeBrown Porter19Logboat Brewing CompanyDark MatterBrown PorterColumbiaMOUSA
GoldChili Pepper Beer12Settle Down Easy BrewingThe Sweet Scoville StingChili Pepper BeerFalls ChurchVAUSA
SilverChili Pepper Beer12Peter B’s BrewpubSoul SacrificeChili Pepper BeerMontereyCAUSA
BronzeChili Pepper Beer12Pigeon Head BrewerySpicy IPLChili Pepper BeerRenoNVUSA
GoldChocolate or Cocoa Beer19Main & Six Brewing CompanyWeapon of Mash DestructionChocolate or Cocoa BeerJacksonvilleFLUSA
SilverChocolate or Cocoa Beer19Sunriver Brewing CompanyCocoa CowChocolate or Cocoa BeerSunriverORUSA
BronzeChocolate or Cocoa Beer19Drekker Brewing CompanyMilk MaidenChocolate or Cocoa BeerFargoNDUSA
GoldClassic French & Belgian-Style Saison16Baerlic Brewing CompanyMilo SaisonClassic French & Belgian-Style SaisonPortlandORUSA
SilverClassic French & Belgian-Style Saison16Printers Ale Manufacturing CompanyHeritage SaisonClassic French & Belgian-Style SaisonCarrolltonGAUSA
BronzeClassic French & Belgian-Style Saison16Gilman Brewing CompanyGilman FarmhouseClassic French & Belgian-Style SaisonBerkeleyCAUSA
GoldClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout11Reuben’s BrewsDry StoutClassic Irish-Style Dry StoutSeattleWAUSA
SilverClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout116 Bears & a Goat Brewing CompanyO’Dark ThirtyClassic Irish-Style Dry StoutFredericksburgVAUSA
BronzeClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout11Legion Brewing CompanySlainteClassic Irish-Style Dry StoutCharlotteNCUSA
GoldCoffee Beer54El Segundo Brewing Co.Smoky HollowCoffee BeerEl SegundoCAUSA
SilverCoffee Beer54Ordnance BrewingOf ChimpanzeesCoffee BeerBoardmanORUSA
BronzeCoffee Beer54Untold Brewing LLCMr. BreezeCoffee BeerScituateMAUSA
GoldContemporary American-Style Pilsener16Wren House Brewing CoBig Spill PilsContemporary American-Style PilsenerPhoenixAZUSA
SilverContemporary American-Style Pilsener16Braveheart BrewingPOW-MIA PilsnerContemporary American-Style PilsenerCamarilloCAUSA
BronzeContemporary American-Style Pilsener16Lake Monster BrewingComo Claw PilsenerContemporary American-Style PilsenerSt. PaulMNUSA
GoldContemporary-Style Gose or Leipzig-Style Gose18CraftHaus BreweryZitrone GoseContemporary-Style GoseHendersonNVUSA
SilverContemporary-Style Gose or Leipzig-Style Gose18Backstep Brewing CompanyPrickly Pear GoseContemporary-Style GoseCrawfordsvilleINUSA
BronzeContemporary-Style Gose or Leipzig-Style Gose18Reuben’s BrewsGoseLeipzig-Style GoseSeattleWAUSA
GoldDortmunder/European-Style Export11Morgan Territory BrewingThe CushmanDortmunder/European-Style ExportTracyCAUSA
SilverDortmunder/European-Style Export11Sunriver Brewing CompanyDeseoDortmunder/European-Style ExportSunriverORUSA
BronzeDortmunder/European-Style Export11Craft Brew AllianceLongboard Island LagerDortmunder/European-Style ExportPortlandORUSA
GoldDouble Hoppy Red Ale or Imperial Red Ale18Bent Barley Brewing CoRed IPADouble Hoppy Red AleAuroraCOUSA
SilverDouble Hoppy Red Ale or Imperial Red Ale18Sunriver Brewing CompanyCinder BeastImperial Red AleSunriverORUSA
BronzeDouble Hoppy Red Ale or Imperial Red Ale18Hellbent Brewing CompanyLocal Celebrity IIRADouble Hoppy Red AleSeattleWAUSA
GoldEnglish-Style Dark Mild Ale or Brown Ale16Grand Junction Brewing CompanySquirrel StampedeEnglish-Style Brown AleWestfieldINUSA
SilverEnglish-Style Dark Mild Ale or Brown Ale16Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueDr. BrownstoneEnglish-Style Dark Mild AleAlbuquerqueNMUSA
BronzeEnglish-Style Dark Mild Ale or Brown Ale16Gella’s Diner & Liquid Bread Brewing Co.Brownell BrownEnglish-Style Brown AleHaysKSUSA
GoldEnglish-Style Summer Ale or Pale Ale or India Pale Ale16Great Basin Brewing CoIchthyosaur “Icky” India Pale AleEnglish-Style India Pale AleSparksNVUSA
SilverEnglish-Style Summer Ale or Pale Ale or India Pale Ale16Worthy BrewingSecret Spot Pacific PaleClassic English-Style Pale AleBendORUSA
BronzeEnglish-Style Summer Ale or Pale Ale or India Pale Ale16Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)True GoldEnglish-Style Summer AlePortlandORUSA
GoldExperimental Beer or Other Strong Ale Or Lager24Drekker Brewing CompanyColors That End In “Urple”Experimental BeerFargoNDUSA
SilverExperimental Beer or Other Strong Ale Or Lager24Sun King BreweryManhattan FogExperimental BeerIndianapolisINUSA
BronzeExperimental Beer or Other Strong Ale Or Lager2410 BarrelGindulgenceExperimental BeerBendORUSA
GoldExport-Style Stout10Discretion BrewingScenic StoutExport-Style StoutSoquelCAUSA
SilverExport-Style Stout10Barrel Mountain BrewingStarway StoutExport-Style StoutBattle GroundWAUSA
BronzeExport-Style Stout10Blacklist Artisan AlesDarkExport-Style StoutDuluthMNUSA
GoldField Beer25Bhramari Brewing CompanyGhetto MatrixField BeerAshevilleNCUSA
SilverField Beer25Sun King BreweryThe Great Rhubarbarian!Field BeerIndianapolisINUSA
BronzeField Beer25Craft Brew AllianceIsland Colada Cream AleField BeerPortlandORUSA
GoldFruit Wheat Beer20Philipsburg Brewing CompanyRazzu Raspberry Wheat AleFruit Wheat BeerPhilipsburgMTUSA
SilverFruit Wheat Beer20Pagosa Brewing & GrillPeachy PeachFruit Wheat BeerPagosa SpringsCOUSA
BronzeFruit Wheat Beer20Pyramid and Portland BrewingApricot AleFruit Wheat BeerPortlandORUSA
GoldGerman Bock Beer13Sockeye BrewingSockeye MaibockGerman Bock BeerBoiseIDUSA
SilverGerman Bock Beer13Falling Sky BrewingDoorStop BockGerman Bock BeerEugeneORUSA
BronzeGerman Bock Beer13IMBĪB Custom BrewsMaibockGerman Bock BeerRenoNVUSA
GoldGerman-Style Altbier12Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyDusseldorf AltbierGerman-Style AltbierArcataCAUSA
SilverGerman-Style Altbier12Third Monk Brewing CompanyU47German-Style AltbierSouth LyonMIUSA
BronzeGerman-Style Altbier12White Bluffs BrewingRed AltGerman-Style AltbierRichlandWAUSA
GoldGerman-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock15Ike & Oak Brewing CoCorbet’s CouloirGerman-Style DoppelbockWoodridgeILUSA
SilverGerman-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock15Morgan Territory BrewingLubricatorGerman-Style DoppelbockTracyCAUSA
BronzeGerman-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock15Revelry BrewingSmooth Like JazzGerman-Style DoppelbockCharlestonSCUSA
GoldGerman-Style Koelsch2710 BarrelPraziseGerman-Style KoelschBendORUSA
SilverGerman-Style Koelsch27Map Brewing Co.Ridge Hippy KoelschGerman-Style KoelschBozemanMTUSA
BronzeGerman-Style Koelsch27Liquid Mechanics BrewingKolschGerman-Style KoelschLafayetteCOUSA
GoldGerman-Style Maerzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn21Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueOktoberfestGerman-Style MaerzenAlbuquerqueNMUSA
SilverGerman-Style Maerzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn21Uinta Brewing CompanyYard SaleGerman-Style MaerzenSalt Lake CityUTUSA
BronzeGerman-Style Maerzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn21Revelry BrewingOktoberfestGerman-Style Oktoberfest/WiesnCharlestonSCUSA
GoldGerman-Style Pilsener46pFriem Family BrewersPilsnerGerman-Style PilsenerHood RiverORUSA
SilverGerman-Style Pilsener46Falling Sky BrewingLight Pillar PilsnerGerman-Style PilsenerEugeneORUSA
BronzeGerman-Style Pilsener46Kulshan Brewing Co.Kulshan PilsnerGerman-Style PilsenerBellinghamWAUSA
GoldGerman-Style Schwarzbier15Hop Dogma Brewing CompanyCivil SchwarzGerman-Style SchwarzbierHalf Moon BayCAUSA
SilverGerman-Style Schwarzbier15Von Ebert Brewing – PearlSchwarzbierGerman-Style SchwarzbierPortlandORUSA
BronzeGerman-Style Schwarzbier15Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyThe DownsideGerman-Style SchwarzbierArcataCAUSA
GoldGluten-Free Beer9Evasion Brewing IncHophoria IPAGluten-Free BeerMcMinnvilleORUSA
SilverGluten-Free Beer9Evasion Brewing IncYamhill PunchGluten-Free BeerMcMinnvilleORUSA
BronzeGluten-Free Beer9Evasion Brewing IncImperial StoutGluten-Free BeerMcMinnvilleORUSA
GoldGolden or Blonde Ale43Rock Bottom Brewery La JollaSan Diego Sunset BlondeBlonde AleLa JollaCAUSA
SilverGolden or Blonde Ale43Knee Deep Brewing Co.Beautiful BlondeBlonde AleAuburnCAUSA
BronzeGolden or Blonde Ale43Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co.Trail Runner Golden AleGolden AleCedar ParkTXUSA
GoldHerb and Spice Beer36Resolute Brewing CoIVCBHerb and Spice BeerCentennialCOUSA
SilverHerb and Spice Beer36Local Brewing Co.Winter SweaterHerb and Spice BeerSan FranciscoCAUSA
BronzeHerb and Spice Beer36Baerlic Brewing CompanyWood Worker Night Howler W/Coconut, Ginger, and VanillaHerb and Spice BeerPortlandORUSA
GoldInternational-Style Pilsener9Sun King BreweryPachangaInternational-Style PilsenerIndianapolisINUSA
SilverInternational-Style Pilsener9Map Brewing Co.PartyInternational-Style PilsenerBozemanMTUSA
BronzeInternational-Style Pilsener9Ravenna Brewing CoDrifter PilsnerInternational-Style PilsenerSeattleWAUSA
GoldIrish-Style Red Ale26Quarter Celtic BrewpubCrimson LassIrish-Style Red AleAlbuquerqueNMUSA
SilverIrish-Style Red Ale26Wallace Brewing Company LLCRedLight Irish Red AleIrish-Style Red AleWallaceIDUSA
BronzeIrish-Style Red Ale26Wormtown BreweryIrish RedIrish-Style Red AleWorcesterMAUSA
GoldJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale32Trap Door BrewingJuiced UpJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale AleVancouverWAUSA
SilverJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale32Moonraker BrewingElectric LettuceJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale AleAuburnCAUSA
BronzeJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale32Widmer Brothers BrewingGreen Skies IPAJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale AlePortlandORUSA
GoldJuicy or Hazy India Pale Ale100Moonraker BrewingZulu HazeJuicy or Hazy India Pale AleAuburnCAUSA
SilverJuicy or Hazy India Pale Ale100Fortside Brewing Co.Dreaming of Gold and Sunshine Hazy IPAJuicy or Hazy India Pale AleVancouverWAUSA
BronzeJuicy or Hazy India Pale Ale100McMenamins Old Saint Francis SchoolHop PillowJuicy or Hazy India Pale AleBendORUSA
GoldJuicy or Hazy Pale Ale40Breakside BreweryBiotransformersJuicy or Hazy Pale AleMilwaukieORUSA
SilverJuicy or Hazy Pale Ale40Moonraker BrewingPuzzle DustJuicy or Hazy Pale AleAuburnCAUSA
BronzeJuicy or Hazy Pale Ale40Rusty Rail Brewing Co.Fog MonsterJuicy or Hazy Pale AleMifflinburgPAUSA
GoldJuicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale31Breakside Brewery + TaproomWhat Rough BeastJuicy or Hazy Strong Pale AlePortlandORUSA
SilverJuicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale31StormBreaker BrewingHouse MartellJuicy or Hazy Strong Pale AlePortlandORUSA
BronzeJuicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale31Map Brewing Co.Strange CattleJuicy or Hazy Strong Pale AleBozemanMTUSA
GoldKellerbier or Zwickelbier10Haas Innovations BrewingHaas ZwicklebierZwickelbierYakimaWAUSA
SilverKellerbier or Zwickelbier10Hop Dogma Brewing CompanyOl’ Keller PilsnerKellerbierHalf Moon BayCAUSA
BronzeKellerbier or Zwickelbier10Weekend Beer Co.Slow Your RowKellerbierGrants PassORUSA
GoldMixed-Culture Brett Beer or Wild Beer2010 BarrelOld StonerMixed-Culture Brett BeerBendORUSA
SilverMixed-Culture Brett Beer or Wild Beer20Trap Door BrewingFunkanomicsMixed-Culture Brett BeerVancouverWAUSA
BronzeMixed-Culture Brett Beer or Wild Beer20Oregon City Brewing CoComing to Fruition: CherryMixed-Culture Brett BeerOregon CityORUSA
GoldMunich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager29Falling Sky BrewingDark Heart Munich DunkelMunich-Style DunkelEugeneORUSA
SilverMunich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager29Code Beer CompanyMunich DunkelMunich-Style DunkelLincolnNEUSA
BronzeMunich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager29Crooked Lane Brewing CoThirsty PretzelsMunich-Style DunkelAuburnCAUSA
GoldMunich-Style Helles27Grains of Wrath BrewingFrost HammerMunich-Style HellesCamasWAUSA
SilverMunich-Style Helles27Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)Lucky As HellesMunich-Style HellesPortlandORUSA
BronzeMunich-Style Helles27Lauter Haus Brewing Co.Sgt. LauterMunich-Style HellesFarmingtonNMUSA
GoldNon-Alcoholic Malt Beverage9Athletic Brewing CompanyRun Wild IPANon-Alcoholic Malt BeverageStratfordCTUSA
SilverNon-Alcoholic Malt Beverage9Athletic Brewing CompanyDownwinder GoseNon-Alcoholic Malt BeverageStratfordCTUSA
BronzeNon-Alcoholic Malt Beverage9Athletic Brewing CompanyAll Out StoutNon-Alcoholic Malt BeverageStratfordCTUSA
GoldOatmeal Stout or Sweet Stout or Cream Stout24Ten Pin BrewingSnake Eye StoutOatmeal StoutMoses LakeWAUSA
SilverOatmeal Stout or Sweet Stout or Cream Stout24Pantown Brewing CompanyDrop Forge Milk StoutSweet Stout or Cream StoutSt. CloudMNUSA
BronzeOatmeal Stout or Sweet Stout or Cream Stout24True North Ale CompanyDark LanternOatmeal StoutIpswichMAUSA
GoldOther German-Style Wheat Beers14Templin Family BrewingLeichte Weiss BierGerman-Style Leichtes WeizenSalt Lake CityUTUSA
SilverOther German-Style Wheat Beers14Cedar Springs Brewing CompanyKüsterer Original WeissbierSouth German-Style Bernsteinfarbenes WeizenCedar SpringsMIUSA
BronzeOther German-Style Wheat Beers1410 Barrel Brewing Co.Weeble WeizenSouth German-Style Dunkel WeizenBendORUSA
GoldOther Historical Beer Styles12Wolf Tree BrewerySpruce Tip GruitHistorical BeerSeal RockORUSA
SilverOther Historical Beer Styles12Lost Cabin Beer Co.Dakota CommonCalifornia Common BeerRapid CitySDUSA
BronzeOther Historical Beer Styles12Three Rivers breweryCommonCalifornia Common BeerFarmingtonNMUSA
GoldOther Lager14Pigeon Head BreweryIndia Pale Lager (IPL)American-Style India Pale LagerRenoNVUSA
SilverOther Lager14Quarter Celtic BrewpubPedro O’Flanagan’s Dark Mexican LagerAmerican-Style Dark LagerAlbuquerqueNMUSA
BronzeOther Lager14Breakside BreweryDisco Queen LagerAmerican-Style Maerzen/OktoberfestMilwaukieORUSA
GoldPumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer13Bier BreweryPumpkin AlePumpkin Spice BeerIndianapolisINUSA
SilverPumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer13Ike & Oak Brewing CoSkellington’s GourdPumpkin Spice BeerWoodridgeILUSA
BronzePumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer13Philipsburg Brewing Company5 Phantoms Pumpkin Spice Barley WinePumpkin Spice BeerPhilipsburgMTUSA
GoldRobust Porter29Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Thriller PillarRobust PorterNachesWAUSA
SilverRobust Porter29Cinder Block BreweryPavers PorterRobust PorterNorth Kansas CityMOUSA
BronzeRobust Porter29Stoup BrewingPorterRobust PorterSeattleWAUSA
GoldRye Beer or German-Style Rye Ale15Hop Dogma Brewing CompanyFalling Leaf LagerRye BeerHalf Moon BayCAUSA
SilverRye Beer or German-Style Rye Ale15FiftyFifty BrewingRog The CasbahGerman-Style Rye AleTruckeeCAUSA
BronzeRye Beer or German-Style Rye Ale15Two Brews LLC dba Slack Tide Brewing Co.Reef 11 Rye IPARye BeerCape May CourthouseNJUSA
GoldScotch Ale or Wee Heavy21Morgan Territory BrewingHighland MarauderScotch Ale or Wee HeavyTracyCAUSA
SilverScotch Ale or Wee Heavy21Ex Novo Brewing–CorralesSons of ScotlandScotch Ale or Wee HeavyCorralesNMUSA
BronzeScotch Ale or Wee Heavy21Flix Brewhouse – CarmelSkrull CrusherScotch Ale or Wee HeavyCarmelINUSA
GoldScottish-Style Ale16Rock Bottom Brewery La JollaWhite Mountain BrownScottish-Style AleLa JollaCAUSA
SilverScottish-Style Ale16Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Bonnie Doon Scottish AleScottish-Style AleNachesWAUSA
BronzeScottish-Style Ale16Canal Park Brewing Co.Splendid WoodScottish-Style AleDuluthMNUSA
GoldSession India Pale Ale or Session Beer25Ola BrewDa Hazy LightSession India Pale AleKailua-KonaHIUSA
SilverSession India Pale Ale or Session Beer2510 BarrelIPKSession India Pale AleBendORUSA
BronzeSession India Pale Ale or Session Beer25Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Tieiton BlondeSession BeerNachesWAUSA
GoldSmoked Beer11Sockeye BrewingRed-Fish RauchBockSmoke BeerBoiseIDUSA
SilverSmoked Beer11Hop Dogma Brewing CompanySmoke on the LagerBamberg-Style Maerzen RauchbierHalf Moon BayCAUSA
BronzeSmoked Beer11Deschutes BreweryRaucho MarxBamberg-Style Maerzen RauchbierBendORUSA
GoldSouth German-Style Hefeweizen23Island Brewing CompanyPCH – Pacific Coast HefeweizenSouth German-Style HefeweizenCarpinteriaCAUSA
SilverSouth German-Style Hefeweizen23Four Day Ray BrewingMy PleasureSouth German-Style HefeweizenFishersINUSA
BronzeSouth German-Style Hefeweizen23Wallenpaupack Brewing CompanyHawley HefeweizenSouth German-Style HefeweizenHawleyPAUSA
GoldSpecialty Beer11Denver Beer CoGraham Cracker PorterSpecialty BeerDenverCOUSA
SilverSpecialty Beer11FiftyFifty BrewingI did it all for the cookieSpecialty BeerTruckeeCAUSA
BronzeSpecialty Beer11FiftyFifty BrewingSalted Caramel EclipseSpecialty BeerTruckeeCAUSA
GoldSpecialty Honey Beer16The Ale ApothecaryBraggotSpecialty Honey BeerBendORUSA
SilverSpecialty Honey Beer16Oozlefinch Beers & BlendingAirship Honey PilsnerSpecialty Honey BeerFort MonroeVAUSA
BronzeSpecialty Honey Beer16Rock Bottom Brewery La JollaHoney CrushSpecialty Honey BeerLa JollaCAUSA
GoldSpecialty Saison27Barbarian BrewingSaison Avec Brett DeuxSpecialty SaisonGarden CityIDUSA
SilverSpecialty Saison27Von Ebert Brewing – GlendoveerObeisanceSpecialty SaisonPortlandORUSA
BronzeSpecialty Saison27Standard BrewingFaithful and TrueSpecialty SaisonSeattleWAUSA
GoldStrong Ale or Old Ale15Silver City BreweryOld ScroogeOld AleBremertonWAUSA
SilverStrong Ale or Old Ale15Spilled Grain BrewhouseBearded ManOld AleAnnandaleMNUSA
BronzeStrong Ale or Old Ale15The Tap BreweryHearth and HomeStrong AleBloomingtonINUSA
GoldVienna-Style Lager17Lucky Envelope BrewingVienna LagerVienna-Style LagerSeattleWAUSA
SilverVienna-Style Lager17Breakside BreweryBreakside Vienna LagerVienna-Style LagerMilwaukieORUSA
BronzeVienna-Style Lager17Motorworks BrewingV TwinVienna-Style LagerBradentonFLUSA
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Aged Beer31Silver Moon BrewingBarrel Aged XulWood- and Barrel-Aged BeerBendORUSA
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Aged Beer3110 Barrel Brewing Co.Re-ViveAged BeerBendORUSA
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Aged Beer31Philipsburg Brewing Company5 Phantoms Pumpkin Spice Barley Wine 2018Aged BeerPhilipsburgMTUSA
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer43Alesong Brewing and BlendingCucumber Tom and TonicWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour BeerEugeneORUSA
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer43Bozeman Brewing CompanyMetamorphic Flanders RedWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour BeerBozemanMTUSA
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer43IMBĪB Custom BrewsSyrah de GardeWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour BeerRenoNVUSA
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer32Deschutes BreweryBlack MirrorWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerBendORUSA
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer32Galveston Island BrewingStranded in a BarrelWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerGalvestonTXUSA
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer3210 BarrelVino de GranoWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerBendORUSA
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout52Falling Sky BrewingDark Reflection BBA Imperial StoutWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong StoutEugeneORUSA
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout52FiftyFifty BrewingEclipse Barrel CuveeWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong StoutTruckeeCAUSA
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout52Ordnance BrewingBlackfiskyWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong StoutBoardmanORUSA

Showing 1 to 285 of 285 entries

2019 Medalists


MedalAward CategoryCategory EntriesBreweryBeer NameEntry CategoryCityState/ProvinceCountry
GoldAmerican-Belgo-Style Ale or Belgian-Style Table Beer or Other Belgian-Style Ale14Barbarian BrewingOdin’s Table BierBelgian-Style Table BeerGarden CityIDUSA
SilverAmerican-Belgo-Style Ale or Belgian-Style Table Beer or Other Belgian-Style Ale14Back Pedal BrewingPrismPale American-Belgo-Style AlePortlandORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Belgo-Style Ale or Belgian-Style Table Beer or Other Belgian-Style Ale14Mazama BrewingBiere de FeteOther Belgian-Style AleCorvallisORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Amber / Red Ale28Morgan Territory BrewingSilo RiderAmerican-Style Amber / Red AleTracyCAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Amber / Red Ale28Third Street BrewhouseFree SpeechAmerican-Style Amber / Red AleCold SpringMNUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Amber / Red Ale28Widmer Brothers BrewingDrop Top Amber AleAmerican-Style Amber / Red AlePortlandORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Barley Wine or Wheat Wine or British-Style Barley Wine24Spilled Grain BrewhouseFalse HopeAmerican-Style Wheat Wine AleAnnandaleMNUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Barley Wine or Wheat Wine or British-Style Barley Wine24Revelry BrewingChateau RevelryAmerican-Style Barley Wine AleCharlestonSCUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Barley Wine or Wheat Wine or British-Style Barley Wine24Metazoa Brewing Co.Hog BodyAmerican-Style Barley Wine AleIndianapolisINUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Black Ale9Baerlic Brewing Co.Dark ThoughtsAmerican-Style Black AlePortlandORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Black Ale9Knee Deep Brewing Co.Midnight HoppynessAmerican-Style Black AleAuburnCAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Black Ale9Scratchtown Brewing Co.Raven TwinsAmerican-Style Black AleOrdNEUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Brown Ale16StormBreaker BrewingWinter CoatAmerican-Style Brown AlePortlandORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Brown Ale16Land-Grant Brewing CoSon Of A MudderAmerican-Style Brown AleColumbusOHUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Brown Ale16Icicle Brewing CompanyTimbertown BrownAmerican-Style Brown AleLeavenworthWAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Cream Ale22Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Beaver Deceiver Cream AleAmerican-Style Cream AleNachesWAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Cream Ale22Third Street BrewhouseMinnesota GoldAmerican-Style Cream AleCold SpringMNUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Cream Ale22Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueThe Unbreakable GlassAmerican-Style Cream AleAlbuquerqueNMUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Fruit Beer36O.H.S.O. Brewery – Paradise ValleyBoom DynamiteAmerican-Style Fruit BeerPhoenixAZUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Fruit Beer36Boneyard BeerIncredible PulpAmerican-Style Fruit BeerBendORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Fruit Beer36Breckenridge Brewery & Pub“Cider Beer”American-Style Fruit BeerBreckenridgeCOUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale55NOLA Brewing CompanyHoppyright InfringementAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale AleNew OrleansLAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale55Bonfire BrewingWtFO Double IPAAmerican-Style Imperial or Double India Pale AleEagleCOUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Imperial Porter10Good Times Brewing Co.Ominous at Best PorterAmerican-Style Imperial PorterGreenwoodSCUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Imperial Porter10Ravenna Brewing CoLion Tamer PorterAmerican-Style Imperial PorterSeattleWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Imperial Porter10Scratchtown Brewing Co.Black EyeAmerican-Style Imperial PorterOrdNEUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Imperial Stout30Geartooth AlewerksFather CogAmerican-Style Imperial StoutCaminoCAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Imperial Stout30Ten Pin BrewingBlack Eyed Katy Imperial StoutAmerican-Style Imperial StoutMoses LakeWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Imperial Stout304 Hands Brewing CompanyMadagascarAmerican-Style Imperial StoutSt. LouisMOUSA
GoldAmerican-Style India Pale Ale125Ordnance BrewingEODAmerican-Style India Pale AleBoardmanORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style India Pale Ale125Silver Moon BrewingIPA 97American-Style India Pale AleBendORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style India Pale Ale125Revision Brewing CompanyRevision IPAAmerican-Style India Pale AleSparksNVUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Lager or Amber Lager24Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)DomesticoAmerican-Style LagerPortlandORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Lager or Amber Lager24Ordnance BrewingLite-hearted LagerAmerican-Style LagerBoardmanORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Lager or Amber Lager24High Hops BreweryThe Cold OneAmerican-Style LagerWindsorCOUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Light Lager9Green Man BreweryGreen Man LagerAmerican-Style Light LagerAshevilleNCUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Light Lager9Aslan Brewing CoClassicAmerican-Style Light LagerBellinghamWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Light Lager9Von Ebert BrewingClubhaus LagerAmerican-Style Light LagerPortlandORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Pale Ale46Liquid Mechanics BrewingHopacityAmerican-Style Pale AleLafayetteCOUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Pale Ale46Commonhouse AleworksPark Circle Pale AleAmerican-Style Pale AleNorth CharlestonSCUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Pale Ale46Stoup BrewingMosaic PaleAmerican-Style Pale AleSeattleWAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Pilsner or Contemporary American-Style Pilsner15Wren House Brewing CoBig Spill PilsContemporary American-Style PilsenerPhoenixAZUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Pilsner or Contemporary American-Style Pilsner1510 Torr Distilling and BrewingSecret Cove CervezaAmerican-Style PilsenerRenoNVUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Pilsner or Contemporary American-Style Pilsner15Atlanta Brewing CompanyHomestand PilsnerContemporary American-Style PilsenerAtlantaGAUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Sour Ale53The Unknown Brewing Company4.5ishAmerican-Style Sour AleCharlotteNCUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Sour Ale53Breakside BreweryI Found It RipeAmerican-Style Sour AleMilwaukieORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Sour Ale53Breakside BreweryBreakside Pineapple Under the TeaAmerican-Style Sour AleMilwaukieORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Stout28Poseidon Brewing CompanyChocolate StarfishAmerican-Style StoutVenturaCAUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Stout28Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Gentlemens StoutAmerican-Style StoutNachesWAUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Stout28Immersion BrewingMax StoutAmerican-Style StoutBendORUSA
GoldAmerican-Style Strong Pale Ale32Migration BrewingInfinite RiffAmerican-Style Strong Pale AlePortlandORUSA
SilverAmerican-Style Strong Pale Ale32Breakside BreweryBreakside SmashbangAmerican-Style Strong Pale AleMilwaukieORUSA
BronzeAmerican-Style Strong Pale Ale32Stoup BrewingCitra IPAAmerican-Style Strong Pale AleSeattleWAUSA
GoldAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager10Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co.Todo el Dia Mexican LagerAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light LagerCedar ParkTXUSA
SilverAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager10Map Brewing Co.Party, Mexican LagerAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light LagerBozemanMTUSA
BronzeAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager10Mt Tabor Brewing Co.Loro BlancoAustralasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light LagerPortlandORUSA
GoldBaltic-Style Porter13Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueDarth MaltBaltic-Style PorterAlbuquerqueNMUSA
SilverBaltic-Style Porter13Jack’s Abby BrewingFraminghammerBaltic-Style PorterFraminghamMAUSA
BronzeBaltic-Style Porter13O.H.S.O. Brewery – Paradise ValleyLost VikingBaltic-Style PorterPhoenixAZUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale11Redwood Curtain BrewingBelgian Pale AleBelgian-Style Pale AleArcataCAUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale11Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueJames BlondBelgian-Style Blonde AleAlbuquerqueNMUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale11Stickmen Brewing CompanyTroonbeeckxBelgian-Style Blonde AleTualatinORUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel25Taxman Brewing CompanyQualifiedBelgian-Style QuadrupelBargersvilleINUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel25Four Day Ray BrewingMonk TearsBelgian-Style QuadrupelFishersINUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel25Sugar Creek Brewing CompanyDark ReflectionBelgian-Style QuadrupelCharlotteNCUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Dubbel9Mazama BrewingDubbelBelgian-Style DubbelCorvallisORUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Dubbel9Monkless Belgian AlesDubbel or NothingBelgian-Style DubbelBendORUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Dubbel9Taxman Brewing CompanyDeductionBelgian-Style DubbelBargersvilleINUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale11Free Will Brewing Co.OllyBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red AlePerkasiePAUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale11Boston Beer CompanySamuel Adams Stony Brook RedBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red AleBostonMAUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale11Jolly Pumpkin Artisan AlesLa Roja Grand ReserveBelgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red AleDexterMIUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Fruit Beer11Sun King BreweryCherry BuseyBelgian-Style Fruit BeerIndianapolisINUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Fruit Beer11Sugar Creek Brewing CompanySugar Creek Raspberry WhiteBelgian-Style Fruit BeerCharlotteNCUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Fruit Beer11Flix Brewhouse – CarmelCuddly as a CactusBelgian-Style Fruit BeerCarmelINUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Lambic or Fruit Lambic or Gueuze Lambic13IMBĪB Custom BrewsTriadBelgian-Style Gueuze LambicRenoNVUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Lambic or Fruit Lambic or Gueuze Lambic13Boneyard BeerFunky BunchBelgian-Style Fruit LambicBendORUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Lambic or Fruit Lambic or Gueuze Lambic13Boneyard BeerGooze CruzeBelgian-Style Gueuze LambicBendORUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale or Tripel28Discretion Brewing6th ConversationBelgian-Style TripelSoquelCAUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale or Tripel28Vista BrewingMiddle TrinityBelgian-Style TripelDriftwoodTXUSA
BronzeBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale or Tripel28Bike TrAle BrewingStrongmanBelgian-Style TripelLeesburgVAUSA
GoldBelgian-Style Witbier14Flix Brewhouse AlbuquerqueLuna RosaBelgian-Style WitbierAlbuquerqueNMUSA
SilverBelgian-Style Witbier14Blacklist Artisan AlesWitBelgian-Style WitbierDuluthMNUSA
GoldBerliner-Style Weisse11Infamous Brewing CompanyResurrectionBerliner-Style WeisseAustinTXUSA
SilverBerliner-Style Weisse1110 Barrel Brewing Co.BaywindowBerliner-Style WeisseBendORUSA
BronzeBerliner-Style Weisse11Fremont BrewingBerliner WeisseBerliner-Style WeisseSeattleWAUSA
GoldBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added18NoCoast Beer Co.To Peach Their OwnBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor AddedOskaloosaIAUSA
SilverBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added18Pryes Brewing CompanyRoyal Raspberry SourBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor AddedMinneapolisMNUSA
BronzeBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added18Bend Brewing Co,RazztafariBerliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor AddedBendORUSA
GoldBohemian-Style Pilsener25Allegory BrewingDad HatBohemian-Style PilsenerMcMinnvilleORUSA
SilverBohemian-Style Pilsener25Mazama BrewingDeadline PilsnerBohemian-Style PilsenerCorvallisORUSA
BronzeBohemian-Style Pilsener25Lenny Boy BrewingLife in the SouthBohemian-Style PilsenerCharlotteNCUSA
GoldBrett Beer18Silver Moon BrewingContrariumBrett BeerBendORUSA
SilverBrett Beer18Alibi Ale WorksFarmhouse ReserveBrett BeerIncline VillageNVUSA
GoldBritish Bitters22Firestone Walker Brewing Co.DBASpecial Bitter or Best BitterPaso RoblesCAUSA
SilverBritish Bitters22Rio Bravo Brewing CompanyAmber/ESBExtra Special BitterAlbuquerqueNMUSA
BronzeBritish Bitters22Baerlic Brewing Co.Pioneer ESBExtra Special BitterPortlandORUSA
GoldBritish-Style Imperial Stout15Spider Bite Beer Co.Boris the SpiderBritish-Style Imperial StoutHolbrookNYUSA
SilverBritish-Style Imperial Stout15Public House Brewing CompanyAnthony’s Pacification Russian Imperial StoutBritish-Style Imperial StoutSt. JamesMOUSA
BronzeBritish-Style Imperial Stout15Reformation BreweryDeclarationBritish-Style Imperial StoutWoodstockGAUSA
GoldBrown Porter21Old Schoolhouse BreweryBig Valley BrownBrown PorterWinthropWAUSA
SilverBrown Porter21Alibi Ale WorksAlibi PorterBrown PorterIncline VillageNVUSA
BronzeBrown Porter21Revision Brewing CompanyBlack UmbrellasBrown PorterSparksNVUSA
GoldChili Pepper Beer16Sierra Blanca Brewing Co.Green Chile CervezaChili Pepper BeerMoriartyNMUSA
SilverChili Pepper Beer16Liquid Mechanics BrewingRing OH! FireChili Pepper BeerLafayetteCOUSA
BronzeChili Pepper Beer16Black Cloister Brewing Co., LLCRekindleChili Pepper BeerToledoOHUSA
GoldChocolate or Cocoa Beer17Worthy BrewingPeace Pipe PorterChocolate or Cocoa BeerBendORUSA
SilverChocolate or Cocoa Beer17Taxman Brewing CompanyFrozen AssetsChocolate or Cocoa BeerBargersvilleINUSA
BronzeChocolate or Cocoa Beer17Flix Brewhouse Round RockTiramisu StoutChocolate or Cocoa BeerRound RockTXUSA
GoldClassic French & Belgian-Style Saison or French-Style Bière de Garde18Flix Brewhouse – CarmelGarde Your GrillFrench-Style Bière de GardeCarmelINUSA
SilverClassic French & Belgian-Style Saison or French-Style Bière de Garde18Baerlic Brewing Co.Milo SaisonClassic French & Belgian-Style SaisonPortlandORUSA
BronzeClassic French & Belgian-Style Saison or French-Style Bière de Garde18Metazoa Brewing Co.MeadowlarkClassic French & Belgian-Style SaisonIndianapolisINUSA
GoldClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout12Reuben’s BrewsDry StoutClassic Irish-Style Dry StoutSeattleWAUSA
SilverClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout12Thunder Island Brewing CompanyKingdom SchtoutClassic Irish-Style Dry StoutCascade LocksORUSA
BronzeClassic Irish-Style Dry Stout12Holy City BrewingBowens Island Oyster StoutClassic Irish-Style Dry StoutNorth CharlestonSCUSA
GoldCoffee Beer38Widmer Brothers BrewingCrème de la CaféCoffee BeerPortlandOR
SilverCoffee Beer38The Tap BreweryMidnight FuelCoffee BeerBloomingtonIN
BronzeCoffee Beer38Rusty Rail Brewing Co.Wolf King Warrior StoutCoffee BeerMifflinburgPA
GoldContemporary-Style Gose or Leipzig-Style Gose15Breakside Brewery (Dekum Brewpub)GoseLeipzig-Style GosePortlandOR
SilverContemporary-Style Gose or Leipzig-Style Gose15Crooked Lane Brewing CoHome Slice LimeContemporary-Style GoseAuburnCA
BronzeContemporary-Style Gose or Leipzig-Style Gose15Flix Brewhouse – CarmelStrawberry Gose in the MachineContemporary-Style GoseCarmelIN
GoldDortmunder/European-Style Export11Logboat Brewing CompanyBobber LagerDortmunder/European-Style ExportColumbiaMO
SilverDortmunder/European-Style Export11Baerlic Brewing Co.ExpatDortmunder/European-Style ExportPortlandOR
BronzeDortmunder/European-Style Export11Alosta Brewing Co.Highway 39Dortmunder/European-Style ExportCovinaCA
GoldDouble Hoppy Red Ale or Imperial Red Ale1810 Barrel Brewing Co.Rough TerrainImperial Red AleBendOR
SilverDouble Hoppy Red Ale or Imperial Red Ale18Immersion BrewingRing The AlarmDouble Hoppy Red AleBendOR
BronzeDouble Hoppy Red Ale or Imperial Red Ale18Boneyard BeerSkunkapeDouble Hoppy Red AleBendOR
GoldEnglish-Style Mild Ale or Brown Ale17Logboat Brewing CompanyMamoot Mild AleEnglish-Style Dark Mild AleColumbiaMO
SilverEnglish-Style Mild Ale or Brown Ale17Commonhouse AleworksBroad Path BrownEnglish-Style Brown AleNorth CharlestonSC
BronzeEnglish-Style Mild Ale or Brown Ale17Abbey Brewing CoMonks’ DarkEnglish-Style Brown AleSanta FeNM
GoldEnglish-Style Summer Ale, or Pale Ale or India Pale Ale16Omission BrewingOmission Pale AleClassic English-Style Pale AlePortlandOR
SilverEnglish-Style Summer Ale, or Pale Ale or India Pale Ale16Golden Valley BreweryBeaverton BlondeEnglish-Style Summer AleMcMinnvilleOR
BronzeEnglish-Style Summer Ale, or Pale Ale or India Pale Ale16Old Town BrewingShanghai’d IPAEnglish-Style India Pale AlePortlandOR
GoldExperimental Beer or Other Strong Ale Or Lager37Alesong Brewing and BlendingTerroir Pinot NoirExperimental BeerEugeneOR
SilverExperimental Beer or Other Strong Ale Or Lager37Alesong Brewing and BlendingGose AnejoExperimental BeerEugeneOR
BronzeExperimental Beer or Other Strong Ale Or Lager37The Ale ApothecaryRalph 4.11.2018Experimental BeerBendOR
GoldExport-Style Stout12Bend Brewing Co,Trade WarExport-Style StoutBendOR
SilverExport-Style Stout12Island Brewing CompanyStarry Night StoutExport-Style StoutCarpinteriaCA
BronzeExport-Style Stout12Discretion BrewingScenic StoutExport-Style StoutSoquelCA
GoldField Beer20Wild Ride BrewingNut Crusher Peanut Butter PorterField BeerRedmondOR
SilverField Beer20Icicle Brewing CompanyDark PersuasionField BeerLeavenworthWA
BronzeField Beer20Firestone Walker Brewing Co.Coconut Rye ParabolaField BeerPaso RoblesCA
GoldFruit Wheat Beer1910 Barrel Brewing Co.Passionate EnvyFruit Wheat BeerBendOR
SilverFruit Wheat Beer19Galveston Island BrewingApricot WheatFruit Wheat BeerGalvestonTX
BronzeFruit Wheat Beer19Sierra Blanca Brewing Co.Cherry WheatFruit Wheat BeerMoriartyNM
GoldGerman Bock Beer9Discretion BrewingTrip Trap Trip TrapTraditional German-Style BockSoquelCA
SilverGerman Bock Beer9Wildwood BrewingOrganic Bodacious BockGerman-Style Heller Bock/MaibockStevensvilleMT
BronzeGerman Bock Beer9Flyover Brewing CompanyJunior’s BockTraditional German-Style BockScottsbluffNE
GoldGerman-Style Altbier10Redwood Curtain BrewingDusseldorf AltbierGerman-Style AltbierArcataCA
SilverGerman-Style Altbier10StormBreaker BrewingALTerior MotiveGerman-Style AltbierPortlandOR
BronzeGerman-Style Altbier10Widmer Brothers BrewingAltGerman-Style AltbierPortlandOR
GoldGerman-Style Doppelbock15Flix Brewhouse – CarmelAquabockGerman-Style DoppelbockCarmelIN
SilverGerman-Style Doppelbock15Loowit Brewing CompanyChance the RaptorGerman-Style DoppelbockVancouverWA
BronzeGerman-Style Doppelbock15Kalona Brewing CompanyLewbricatorGerman-Style DoppelbockKalonaIA
GoldGerman-Style Koelsch21House 6 Brewing Co.El BomberoGerman-Style KoelschAshburnVA
SilverGerman-Style Koelsch21Crooked Lane Brewing CoVeedels BrauGerman-Style KoelschAuburnCA
BronzeGerman-Style Koelsch21GiganticKölschtasticGerman-Style KoelschPortlandOR
GoldGerman-Style Maerzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn19Waconia Brewing CompanyOktoberfestGerman-Style MaerzenWaconiaMN
SilverGerman-Style Maerzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn19Mazama BrewingOktoberfestGerman-Style MaerzenCorvallisOR
GoldGerman-Style Pilsener34pFriem Family BrewersPilsnerGerman-Style PilsenerHood RiverOR
SilverGerman-Style Pilsener3410 Barrel Brewing Co.Smooth TalkerGerman-Style PilsenerBendOR
BronzeGerman-Style Pilsener34Breakside BreweryBreakside PilsnerGerman-Style PilsenerMilwaukieOR
GoldGerman-Style Schwarzbier19Breakside BreweryBreakside Black LagerGerman-Style SchwarzbierMilwaukieOR
SilverGerman-Style Schwarzbier19Old Town BrewingDark HelmetGerman-Style SchwarzbierPortlandOR
BronzeGerman-Style Schwarzbier19Immersion BrewingSchwartz & CoatsGerman-Style SchwarzbierBendOR
GoldGluten-Free Beer13High Hops BreweryPuckerberryGluten-Free BeerWindsorCO
SilverGluten-Free Beer13Sibling Revelry BrewingSibling Revelry Gluten Free Pale AleGluten-Free BeerWestlakeOH
BronzeGluten-Free Beer13Ghostfish Brewing CompanyPeak Buster Double IPAGluten-Free BeerSeattleWA
GoldGolden or Blonde Ale32Pelican Brewing CompanyKiwanda Cream AleGolden or Blonde AleTillamookOR
SilverGolden or Blonde Ale32Thunder Island Brewing CompanyEasy Climb Golden AleGolden or Blonde AleCascade LocksOR
BronzeGolden or Blonde Ale32Map Brewing Co.Mountain Nectar Golden AleGolden or Blonde AleBozemanMT
GoldHerb and Spice Beer25Black Raven Brewing CompanyFestivusHerb and Spice BeerRedmondWA
SilverHerb and Spice Beer25Logboat Brewing CompanyShipheadHerb and Spice BeerColumbiaMO
BronzeHerb and Spice Beer25Alaskan Brewing Co.Spruce IPAHerb and Spice BeerJuneauAK
GoldInternational-Style Pale Ale or Australian-Style Pale Ale15Breakside BreweryLunch Break ISAInternational-Style Pale AleMilwaukieOR
SilverInternational-Style Pale Ale or Australian-Style Pale Ale15Worthy BrewingStrata IPAAustralian-Style Pale AleBendOR
BronzeInternational-Style Pale Ale or Australian-Style Pale Ale15Baerlic Brewing Co.Punk Rock TimeInternational-Style Pale AlePortlandOR
GoldIrish-Style Red Ale18Ancestry Brewing CompanyIrish RedIrish-Style Red AleTualatinOR
SilverIrish-Style Red Ale18Loowit Brewing CompanyTwo-Sixteen Red AleIrish-Style Red AleVancouverWA
BronzeIrish-Style Red Ale18Old Town BrewingPaulie’s Not IrishIrish-Style Red AlePortlandOR
GoldJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale29Moonraker Brewing CompanyCabana HammockJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale AleAuburnCA
SilverJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale29Lead Dog Brewing CoConan’s WrathJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale AleRenoNV
BronzeJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale29Urban South BrewerySnoball JuiceJuicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale AleNew OrleansLA
GoldJuicy or Hazy India Pale Ale97Great Notion BrewingJuice InvaderJuicy or Hazy India Pale AlePortlandOR
SilverJuicy or Hazy India Pale Ale97Old Schoolhouse BreweryEddy HopperJuicy or Hazy India Pale AleWinthropWA
BronzeJuicy or Hazy India Pale Ale97Drekker Brewing CompanyEctogasmJuicy or Hazy India Pale AleFargoND
GoldJuicy or Hazy Pale Ale38Liquid Mechanics BrewingHumulanovaJuicy or Hazy Pale AleLafayetteCO
SilverJuicy or Hazy Pale Ale38Flyover Brewing Company(NE)braska Pale AleJuicy or Hazy Pale AleScottsbluffNE
BronzeJuicy or Hazy Pale Ale38StormBreaker BrewingHouse MartellJuicy or Hazy Pale AlePortlandOR
GoldLight American Wheat Beer12Sunriver Brewing CompanyFuzztailLight American Wheat Beer with YeastSunriverOR
SilverLight American Wheat Beer12Breckenridge BreweryAgave WheatLight American Wheat Beer without YeastLittletonCO
BronzeLight American Wheat Beer12Wild Ride BrewingWhoopty Whoop WheatLight American Wheat Beer with YeastRedmondOR
GoldMixed-Culture Brett Beer30Alesong Brewing and BlendingPecheMixed-Culture Brett BeerEugeneOR
SilverMixed-Culture Brett Beer30Oregon City Brewing CoComing to Fruition: MarionberryMixed-Culture Brett BeerOregon CityOR
BronzeMixed-Culture Brett Beer30Firestone Walker Brewing Co.Nec BonesMixed-Culture Brett BeerPaso RoblesCA
GoldMunich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager15Stoup BrewingStoup Dunkel LagerMunich-Style DunkelSeattleWA
SilverMunich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager15Dru BruBru Ski PatrolMunich-Style DunkelSnoqualmie PassWA
BronzeMunich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager15Liquid Mechanics BrewingDark LagerEuropean-Style Dark LagerLafayetteCO
GoldMunich-Style Helles27Jack’s Abby BrewingHouse LagerMunich-Style HellesFraminghamMA
BronzeMunich-Style Helles27RosenstadtHelles LagerMunich-Style HellesPortlandOR
GoldOatmeal Stout12Ten Pin BrewingSnake Eye StoutOatmeal StoutMoses LakeWA
SilverOatmeal Stout12Ordnance BrewingTetra NegraOatmeal StoutBoardmanOR
BronzeOatmeal Stout12Grand Junction Brewing CompanyImperfect BacksideOatmeal StoutWestfieldIN
GoldOther Historical Beer Styles11Immersion BrewingWestward Expansion California CommonCalifornia Common BeerBendOR
SilverOther Historical Beer Styles11StormBreaker BrewingSteamBreakerCalifornia Common BeerPortlandOR
BronzeOther Historical Beer Styles11Upstate Brewing CompanyCommon SenseCalifornia Common BeerElmiraNY
GoldOther Lager16Sun King BreweryPachangaInternational-Style PilsenerIndianapolisIN
SilverOther Lager16Deep Ellum Brewing CompanyDeep Ellum LagerInternational-Style PilsenerDallasTX
BronzeOther Lager16DC Brau Brewing CompanyKeller PilsKellerbier or Zwickelbier LagerWashingtonDC
GoldPumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer12Wicked Barley Brewing CoNightmare on EverGreen TerracePumpkin Spice BeerJacksonvilleFL
SilverPumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer12River Dog Brewing CompanyKindred SpicePumpkin Spice BeerRidgelandSC
BronzePumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer12Philipsburg Brewing Company5 Phantoms Pumpkin Spice Barley WinePumpkin Spice BeerPhilipsburgMT
GoldRobust Porter21Green Man BreweryGreen Man PorterRobust PorterAshevilleNC
SilverRobust Porter21Cinder Block BreweryPavers PorterRobust PorterNorth Kansas CityMO
BronzeRobust Porter21Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Oak Creek PorterRobust PorterNachesWA
GoldRye Beer or German-Style Rye Ale10Reuben’s BrewsRoggenbierGerman-Style Rye AleSeattleWA
SilverRye Beer or German-Style Rye Ale10NoCoast Beer Co.AgriculturedRye BeerOskaloosaIA
BronzeRye Beer or German-Style Rye Ale10Lowercase BrewingRye iPARye BeerSeattleWA
GoldScotch Ale17Combustion Brewery & TaproomBraskyScotch AlePickeringtonOH
SilverScotch Ale17Metazoa Brewing Co.Wee Bit LeftScotch AleIndianapolisIN
BronzeScotch Ale17Three Creeks Brewing CompanyMcKay’s Scottish AleScotch AleSistersOR
SilverScottish-Style Ale11Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Bonnie Doon Scottish AleScottish-Style Light AleNachesWA
BronzeScottish-Style Ale11Yee-Haw Brewing Co80 SchillingScottish-Style Export AleJohnson CityTN
GoldSession Beer or Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage12NeologicParknocker WitNon-Alcoholic Malt BeverageWheat RidgeCO
SilverSession Beer or Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage12Kona Brewing Co.Big Wave Golden AleSession BeerPortlandOR
GoldSession India Pale Ale18Tighthead Brewing CompanyChilly Water Pale AleSession India Pale AleMundeleinIL
SilverSession India Pale Ale18Wicked Barley Brewing CoFu$king A session IPASession India Pale AleJacksonvilleFL
BronzeSession India Pale Ale18Brothers Cascadia BrewingBest Day EverSession India Pale AleVancouverWA
GoldSmoked Beer20Island Brewing CompanyScotch Barrel Aged JubileeSmoke BeerCarpinteriaCA
SilverSmoked Beer20House 6 Brewing Co.Smoke EaterSmoke PorterAshburnVA
BronzeSmoked Beer20Dempsey’s Restaurant & BrewerySmoke on the LagerSmoke BeerPetalumaCA
GoldSouth German-Style Wheat Beers2610 Barrel Brewing Co.WeebleweizenSouth German-Style Dunkel WeizenBendOR
SilverSouth German-Style Wheat Beers26Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co.Wonder Boy HefeweizenSouth German-Style HefeweizenCedar ParkTX
BronzeSouth German-Style Wheat Beers26Gravely BrewingDoc’s HefeSouth German-Style HefeweizenLouisvilleKY
GoldSpecialty Beer10Poseidon Brewing CompanyBowlineSpecialty BeerVenturaCA
SilverSpecialty Beer10Hopfusion Ale WorksFeisty RedheadSpecialty BeerFort WorthTX
BronzeSpecialty Beer10Poseidon Brewing CompanyBottom TimeSpecialty BeerVenturaCA
GoldSpecialty Honey Beer13Rogue Ales & SpiritsHoney KolschSpecialty Honey BeerNewportOR
SilverSpecialty Honey Beer13North High BrewingHoney WheatSpecialty Honey BeerColumbusOH
BronzeSpecialty Honey Beer13The Tap BreweryElectric StingerSpecialty Honey BeerBloomingtonIN
GoldSpecialty Saison22Aslan Brewing CoFrances FarmerSpecialty SaisonBellinghamWA
SilverSpecialty Saison22Local 315 Brewing CompanyTouch of Grey GrisetteSpecialty SaisonWarnersNY
BronzeSpecialty Saison22Steam Donkey Brewing Co.LavendualaSpecialty SaisonCosmopolisWA
GoldStrong Ale or Old Ale16Three Mugs Brewing CompanyBIGGie D’s Strong Scotch AleStrong AleHillsboroOR
SilverStrong Ale or Old Ale16Spilled Grain BrewhouseBearded ManOld AleAnnandaleMN
BronzeStrong Ale or Old Ale16Discretion Brewing2014 Good FaithOld AleSoquelCA
GoldSweet Stout or Cream Stout10Great Basin Brewing CoOutlaw Milk StoutSweet Stout or Cream StoutSparksNV
SilverSweet Stout or Cream Stout10Bowigens Beer Co.7 Layer StoutSweet Stout or Cream StoutCasselberryFL
BronzeSweet Stout or Cream Stout10The Booth Brewing Co.Dancing Cow Milk StoutSweet Stout or Cream StoutEurekaCA
GoldVienna-Style Lager13Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.Vienna LagerVienna-Style LagerNachesWA
SilverVienna-Style Lager13Motorworks BrewingV TwinVienna-Style LagerBradentonFL
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer (Moderate ABV)24Last Name BrewingNom De FamilleWood- and Barrel-Aged Dark BeerUplandCA
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer (Moderate ABV)24The Alementary Brewing Co.Escape from OaxacaWood- and Barrel-Aged Pale to Amber BeerHackensackNJ
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer (Moderate ABV)24Duck Foot Brewing Co.RedrumWood- and Barrel-Aged Dark BeerSan DiegoCA
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Aged Beer16Spilled Grain Brewhouse2017 False HopeAged BeerAnnandaleMN
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Aged Beer16Pelican Brewing CompanyQueen of HeartsWood- and Barrel-Aged BeerTillamookOR
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Aged Beer16Vista BrewingLaissez FaireWood- and Barrel-Aged BeerDriftwoodTX
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer47Indeed Brewing CompanyWooden Soul: In The ThicketWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour BeerMinneapolisMN
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer47Firestone Walker Brewing Co.Feral OneWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour BeerPaso RoblesCA
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer47IMBĪB Custom BrewsAbiogenesis #9Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour BeerRenoNV
GoldWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer80Launch Pad BreweryLaw’s Secale Barrel Aged Magnificent DesolationWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerAuroraCO
SilverWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer80Bier BreweryBarrel Aged SanitariumWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerIndianapolisIN
BronzeWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer80KettleHouse Brewing CompanyB.A. Freezeout StoutWood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer
Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

Founder of The New School and most frequent contributor Ezra Johnson-Greenough has worked in the craft beer industry for almost 10 years, doing everything from illustrating beer labels to bartending at renowned beer bars and breweries like Belmont Station, Apex, Laurelwood and Upright Brewing. He has also had a hand in creating events like the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, Portland Beer Week, and the Brewing up Cocktails series. He is available for freelance consultation in marketing, events, graphic design and branding. Contact: