Fort George / Grains of Wrath collab ‘Fanzine IPA’ wins Gold

Fort George Grains of Wrath Fanzine IPA

On Tuesday the Oregon Beer Awards rewarded Fort George Brewery with a Gold Medal for their upcoming Grains of Wrath collaboration Fanzine IPA. The new spring seasonal has not even hit shelves, or taps, yet and is already winning accolades, cans and draft drop next week with release parties at Grains of Wrath on 2/26, at Tap Union Freehouse in Vancouver on 2/28, and at Roscoe’s in Portland on 2/29. And if you are in Astoria, Fort George will be hosting a triple release on 2/29 of Fanzine, Fields of Green: Oscar and bourbon barrel aged spiced stout called The Devil is in the Details.

The gold medal-winning version of Fanzine IPA was a test batch for the upcoming release. Grains of Wrath’s Mike Hunsaker collaborated with Fort George head brewer Michal Frankowicz on the recipe and the two worked their hoppy magic on a rare clear IPA. Fort George recruited artist Michael Hurley to do the comic-style can art for Fanzine IPA.

“We are big fans of all of the Mikes. We plan to have Fanzine come back in 2021, with another brewery, another artist, and a new recipe (most likely a West Coast style IPA),” says Fort George’s media director Brad Blaser.

Fanzine IPA commercial description: In an ever hazier world, West Coast IPAs have nearly gone the way of the landline and fax machine. Fanzine IPA comes into focus as a crisp, clear, West Coast style collaborative presentation from Fort George Brewery and Grains of Wrath Brewery. Fanzines are deeply rooted in the DIY ethos of the fiercely independent. Small run, self-published, xeroxed and stapled testaments to the object of a true fan’s reverence. The Fanzine IPA can features the art of independent folk legend Michael Hurley, who himself is the subject of a Fanzine. A piney bitterness backs up the heavy hop additions, with grapefruit and other citrus notes. Mild sweetness from the malt bill lingers with a taste of orange juice. ABV: 6.7%

Hops: Columbus, Comet, Chinook, Mosaic
Malts: Great Western Premium, 2-Row Barley, Rahr Premium Pils, Maltries Franco Belge, Aromatic
Yeast: BSI-01 American Ale

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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