Old Town Brewing’s ‘Haze of our Lives: Perfect Secret IPA’ Available for Delivery On Day of Canning

Old Town Brewing & Pizza is just one of many breweries experimenting with ways to survive during the Coronavirus related bar shutdown. OTB combined efforts with Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider on a beer delivery service, and is now doing a same-day canning run and release strategy for Haze of our Lives: Perfect Secret. The latest, and second iteration of the Haze of our Lives series is now up for pre-orders that will be delivered within hours of the packaging time – directly to your Portland-area address.

Each release under the Haze of our Lives series acts as a chapter, telling an ongoing story through a sequence of video and beer rollouts. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus put the kibosh on production of a video for Episode 2 Perfect Secret. But like the first, Perfect Secret expands on the pillowy, comforting haze of a soap opera in hoppy beer form but with a little bit of international flavor.

“We brought in some “foreign actors” on the hops (German and New Zealand hops),” says OTB owner Adam Milne. “This gave it a more fruit-stripe gum taste and aroma. The beer also has a softer mouthfeel than Episode 1.”

“We’re always looking to challenge ourselves and do something different – sometimes it’s brewing a mushroom ale, other times it’s making a soap opera beer saga,” said Old Town Brewing owner, Adam Milne. “We’re really operating on hidden talents and passion, and this series has only expanded on that.”

Perfect Secret – 2nd Haze of Our Lives Series Beer

Tasting Notes: Big lime, tropical fruit, apricot, passion fruit and light bubblegum (think fruit stripe gum not classical bubblegum)Description: As the dramatic atmosphere unfolds, the thick haze of uncertainty remains. Reminiscence of the past flood the senses; a melting pot of juicy characters of forbidden fruit surround you…but something is different. Something has changed. A presence unlike any other arrives, and it has a secret…

Beer Style:  NE IPA

 ABV: 6.7

 IBU: 45

 O.G.: 15.7

 Hops: Santiam, Ariana, Callista, Motueka

 Malts: Pale 2 row, pilsner, carafoam

 Yeast: English

PRE-ORDER HERE for delivery Friday 4/10!

Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist

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