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10 barrel brewing
almost 5 years ago
10 Barrel Brewing’s New Portland Brewer, Whitney Burnside
Samurai Artist
Samurai Artist
10 Barrel Brewing’s new Portland Brewer Whitney Burnside will head up operations for the upcoming Northwest Portland PDX brewpub location in the Pearl District.
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    Beer First Look Preview of Ex Novo Brewing
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    Oregon’s first not-for-profit brewery, Ex Novo Brewing, opens to the public this Wednesday, July 2nd, but we got an early preview yesterday of what you can expect from Portland’s newest brewpub.
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    Brewer Kells Brew Pub Expands after One Year in Operation
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    (Pictured: Garrett McAleese and Dave Fleming) Kell’s famous Irish Pub opened their own brewery a year ago and it has been flying under the radar, but producing a lot of beer, since then.
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