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Upright Brewing's Special Herbs Returns

Upright Brewing's popular MF Doom-inspired beer, Special Herbs, returns next Thursday, August 7th, in bottles available at the brewery. This is the 2nd full bottle release for this experimental gin barrel-aged Gruit with wild yeast that gives it a botanical tartness similar to a cross between beer, kombucha, and cider.

New Cider Riot 1763 Limited Edition Bottles

Portland's kickstarted small urban cidery, Cider Riot, has another new cider called 1763, and a release party is in the works this Saturday, August 2nd, at Bushwhacker Cidery. 1763 commemorates the year of the Cider Riots in the English West Country, when cider lovers rose up to overthrow Prime Minister Bute, who imposed a tax on cider.

2 Towns Cider 'Cot in The Act Apricot

I have been really enjoying the latest releases from 2 Towns Ciderhouse in Corvallis. The recent release of Rhubarbarian in cans & bottles made my top summer beer/cider list, and the new "Cot in the Act" apricot cider is delicious. The latest in 2 Towns' limited release series, Cot in the Act makes for another delicious summer quencher and has that juicy tartness of apricot that I crave with a little sweetness but no cloying qualities.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest Beers

Oregon's largest and perhaps most traditional annual Oktoberfest celebration happens in the town of Mount Angel this September 11-14th, where a significant part of downtown is dedicated to German-run traditional businesses. This year's celebration has organizers comparing and choosing the best possible selection of beers for Oktoberfest attendees.  A wide variety will be made available in 4 different biergarten venues. Choices will range from German beers brewed in the same tradition for centuries to some very new limited releases. 

Best & Worst of the 2014 Oregon Brewers Festival

For perhaps the first time ever, the Oregon Brewers Festival started with a bleak and rain-soaked first day. But, like Noah from the Bible, we built an ark out of old OBF plastic cups and counterfeit tokens to sail those seas. While some looked upon the grey clouds with doom, I thought upon a great cleanse that would wash away the infamously frat boy-heavy, unclean masses to make way for the enlightened beer geeks. Parting the seas like Moses, I adorned traditional Portlandian rain attire and braved the wild of Tom McCall Waterfront Park and have returned with the gospel, handed down to me from above on digital tablets.

The Oregon Brewers Festival continues through this Sunday, now with fewer biblical rain showers.